Show #167: Squirrel!

Mic Only NDS LOGOHappy Friday Peeps! On this episode, 20 songs that are turning 20 years old this year, assault with a deadly squirrel and Ted is apparently the best boyfriend ever.

Plus, how Nate lost his wallet, the duct tape bandit and why meth is a helluva drug.

Show #167: Squirrel!

Show #156: Keeping It Tight


First show of December and we’ve got Diana Hong sitting in for Christiana.  We talk about taking Keeping It Tight to a whole new level, Kanye says ridiculous things and a stripper with a heart of gold (sort of).

Plus, the things women don’t know about men and a sense of superiority in Florida Corner.


Show #156: Keeping It Tight

Show #148: Open Letter To Open Letters

Mic Only NDS LOGOChristiana makes her triumphant return to the podcast…well, she’s back.  We discuss what she’s been up to, including her upcoming charity event to benefit the YMCA.  Click HERE to get your tix and support the kids.

Plus, more open letters, a crazy radio call of a NFL game and a spat between classy ladies

Show #148: Open Letter To Open Letters

Show #135: Peanut Butter

NDS LogoThe conclusion of Nate’s vacation stories, including the Top 10 Reasons to Move to Bend, Oregon.  Plus, why the State of New York is suing Donald Trump…and Trump is suing Scotland…Hint: he’s a dick!

One of our Florida Corner stories takes an odd turn right in the middle (Florida Reporter), a British chick dislocates her jaw and an exciting event from Maine in Small Town News

Show 135: Peanut Butter

Show #119: Mad About Tapas

NDS LogoKareem Daniels is back for another, far less serious show.  We explore the mind of cats, discover how someone can glue their own mouth shut and find out why one man is so upset about Tapas Restaurants.



Show #119: Mad About Tapas

Show #96: Big O & Saggy Pants

NDS LogoChristiana is away, so Nate, Becca & Ted tackle the constitutional right to saggy pants, Becca’s bad roommates story and the woman with no appreciation for irony.

Also, is Ted’s kitten working in cahoots with a spider?  Nate goes to San Diego and the woman who has a very different thing that gets her to the point of ultimate satisfaction.

Show #96: Big O & Saggy Pants

Show #95: KLJ & the Iron Lady

NDS LogoComedian Keith Lowell Jensen stops by the show to discuss his new album “Elf Orgy” which is available on Amazon and iTunes. Cute stories about his daughter’s mind, his first trip to Vermont and how his comedy gets him categorized in weird ways.

We also talk Margaret Thatcher, why it’s not good to compliment women on their appearance and Men in Kilts.  Plus, our pitching of the show to radio programmers continues and the cop who really loves his work.

Show #95: KLJ & the Iron Lady

Show #89: The ‘Loin

Nate Darling Show LogoWe launch our first Friday show ever…there will be 2 shows a week (Wed & Fri) from now on.

Are babies evil?  Is it ok to use a burrito as a weapon?  And what exactly is a “dirty chisler”  Plus, the new scam that’s leaving men with their pants down.

In our new segment “Good, Bad & God-Awful”…we advise Chris Brown, Taylor Swift and John Oliver.  What it’s like being a social worker in one of San Francisco’s neighborhoods…and Christiana’s story of living in ‘the Loin’

Show 89 The Loin

Show #76: Barenaked & Silly

A Saturday recording session has us in a silly mood. Ted’s take on “Holiday Trees”, the new expression Christiana has taught her toddler and Nate’s new big goal.

Plus, we sing a little song…Katt Willams’ big week…why you should be careful when eating leftovers and Small Town News is fresh from Nebraska for the first time!

You can call the show at (818) 861-6283 & leave us a message or email the show at

Show 76 Barenaked & Silly

Bald Bryan from the Adam Carolla Show

The gang isn’t able to get together this week, so if you missed it, please enjoy Nate’s one on one interview with Bald Bryan from the Adam Carolla Show.

Bryan Bishop, better known as Bald Bryan from the Adam Carolla Show joins Nate for a great one on one discussion about sports, movies and the progression of the Adam Carolla Show from the radio to the most downloaded podcast in the world.

Tête-à-tête with Nate: Bald Bryan