NDS Classic Show #80: Costa Rican Crab

Originally uploaded January 2013

Nate Darling Show LogoIt’s the first show recorded in 2013 and it’s a silly one.  Mel Gelbart returns to the show to tell us about her trip to Costa Rica and regales us with the tale of the Hobo Jew.  Plus, the flatulent fed…Kathy Griffin gets inappropriate and Nate calls someone a ‘talentless hack’

Find out why prisoners are suing beer companies, Kevin Smith’s final movie and a tale of popcorn in ‘Small Town News’

Show #80: Costa Rican Crabs

NDS Classic Show #441: Send In The Clowns


Originally uploaded September 2016

There are evil clowns in South Carolina…or are there??? Plus, a naked bandit…more Ohio nonsense…and Nate drives to San Francisco to hunt for ribbon.

Show #441: Send In The Clowns

NDS Classic Show #369: A Hint of Dong

Sorry guys, Nate has bronchitis so no new shows this week…just one new sponsor, Target. Now you can shop Target.com and Amazon.com and support the show.

Originally uploaded January 2016

Mic Only NDS LOGOMale boudoir photos are removed from Facebook, the group is split on the idea of such things. Another fool thinks the earth is flat…and isn’t swayed by logic or Neil deGrasse Tyson. Plus, Maine’s Governor is at it again and we hear from an 18 year old Ted Cruz about future plans. We are your silly friends…hang with us for an hour.

Show #369: A Hint of Dong

Show #612: She’s Recording Me Right Now

It’s time for another round of white women calling the police on black people for nothing. Plus, Alex Jones gets pulled off YouTube, some racist gamers are out of their jobs and yes, the taxpayers of St. Louis ARE paying for condoms AND Sex Toys. Jason clearly has no grievance…and squirrels are taking over Bangor, Maine.

Show #612: She’s Recording Me Right Now

Show #600: Nothing Special Planned

It’s our 600th episode of the Nate Darling Show and we have nothing special planned. We share our best memories of moments in the podcast, compliment each other and former co-hosts. Then we talk Top Gun reboot, why NPR needs to abandon attempted cleverness and reveal Kareem’s new nickname. Plus, some moose calls in ‘Small Town News’

Show #600: Nothing Special Planned