NDS Classic Show #144: Model Punch

Originally Uploaded September 2013

We welcome back Diana Hong for Christiana. Talk about Nate, Becca & Ted’s trip to Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill…plus, the movie ‘Rush’ in D-Box.

A model punches a protester and why women driving is dangerous to them and their future children…according to “medical reports”…Then after Small Town News, we talk about the finale of ‘Breaking Bad’

Show #144: Model Punch

NDS Classic Show #137: Foreplay Jinx

Originally Uploaded September 2013

On this episode, Christiana is bummed about the Bay Bridge, Nate goes to Gold Rush Days and we preview Ted & Becca’s NYC adventures.

Plus, getting some at the Home Depot, another round of “Is this a thing?” and Becca is disturbed at the Small Town News from Bangor, Maine!

Show #137: Foreplay Jinx

NDS Classic: Show #168: That Darn Satan

Originally uploaded January 2014

Nate & Ted are excited for a new network, Christiana reveals a non secretive secret and Texas gets a new coach.

Show #168: That Darn Satan

Show #491: Kilos in My Bag

An epic airing of the grievances…big takeaway: Nate hates willful ignorance. Once we finish that we find out what Johnny Depp has been spending his money on, why a teacher got arrested for doing a cartwheel and a terrible rapper makes Florida Corner and a Super Size Sex Toy News!

Show #491: Kilos in My Bag

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Show #443: Shut Up, Lena Dunham

Mic Only NDS LOGO UncensoredKareem has issues with Lena Dunham, Nate has issues with people who think themselves to be heroes and Jason is happy as a clam. Plus, a man with a weird hobby and the return of Speakout in Small Town News

Show #443: Shut Up, Lena Dunham

Show #401: No, My Tits Are Better

Mic Only NDS LOGO UncensoredThe uncensored episode brings the grievances…why Jason is angry with his cat, Kareem has a problem with a NBA player and Sam doesn’t really understand what a grievance is. Oh, and Nate has some words for Kanye. Plus, police women fight over who’s tits are better. And our comedian you should be following on Twitter is Brad Williams

Show #401: No, My Tits Are Better

Classic Episode: #156: Keeping It Tight

Originally Posted 12/3/2013

Mic Only NDS LOGOFirst show of December and we’ve got Diana Hong sitting in for Christiana.  We talk about taking Keeping It Tight to a whole new level, Kanye says ridiculous things and a stripper with a heart of gold (sort of).

Plus, the things women don’t know about men and a sense of superiority in Florida Corner.

Show #156: Keeping It Tight

Classic Episode: Show #178: Ice Fishing & Nonsense


Originally uploaded Feb 18, 2014

Comedian Kareem Daniels joins Nate, Becca & Christiana to talk football hazing, Kanye making some sense and exploring the “Hot, New Boob Trend”


Show #178: Ice Fishing & Nonsense

Show #251: Nate Challenges NY

Mic Only NDS LOGODiana makes it to this episode…barely, but makes an impact! Plus, we chat about Chelsea Handler’s tits, being awakened by a blowjob and the latest nonsense from Rush Limbaugh.

Also, we take on the “10 Hours” video, Michael Che…and then Nate challenged New York City and 9 million people to a fight.

Show #251: Nate Challenges NY