NDS Classic Show #42: Shame Spiral

Originally uploaded April 2012

Larry is tanning his toned calves, so Nick Pettigrew joins Nate & Mel for the fun.

We discover lots of horrible British people, revel in the Iron Sheik and reveal the dream twitter war. Plus, why we should all have just a little more shame

Show #42: Shame Spiral

NDS Classic Show #91: Meditation Chatterbox

Originally uploaded March 2013

Hey, Good Friday Everybody!  On this episode, Ted gets in a Fender Bender, Christiana gives Tina Fey too much credit and Nate dodges furniture on the freeway.  Plus, Becca’s “silent retreat” isn’t what she bargained for, why she needed a retreat from the retreat.

We’ve got penis news, from big to small and Rush Limbaugh has some opinions about Beyonce and how chickens might be turning your kids gay!

Show #91: Meditation Chatterbox

NDS Classic Show #378: Mel, Stolen Busses & Baltimore

Originally uploaded March 2016

Original show host Mel Gelbart joins Nate & Kareem to talk relationships, why being late sucks and our favorite regional dialects. Plus, the battle for Kylie, an angry Florida lady and a big record broken in Small Town News

Show #378: Mel, Stolen Busses & Baltimore

NDS Classic Show #144: Model Punch

Originally Uploaded September 2013

We welcome back Diana Hong for Christiana. Talk about Nate, Becca & Ted’s trip to Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill…plus, the movie ‘Rush’ in D-Box.

A model punches a protester and why women driving is dangerous to them and their future children…according to “medical reports”…Then after Small Town News, we talk about the finale of ‘Breaking Bad’

Show #144: Model Punch

NDS Classic Show #137: Foreplay Jinx

Originally Uploaded September 2013

On this episode, Christiana is bummed about the Bay Bridge, Nate goes to Gold Rush Days and we preview Ted & Becca’s NYC adventures.

Plus, getting some at the Home Depot, another round of “Is this a thing?” and Becca is disturbed at the Small Town News from Bangor, Maine!

Show #137: Foreplay Jinx

NDS Classic: Show #168: That Darn Satan

Originally uploaded January 2014

Nate & Ted are excited for a new network, Christiana reveals a non secretive secret and Texas gets a new coach.

Show #168: That Darn Satan

Show #498: Out of the Cold

The gang is back, Kareem got a new job, Jason did jury duty and Nate barely escaped a Nor’easter.  Plus, since Republicans want to run government like a business, Nate has a plan for America’s crappy new hire.

Show #498: Out of the Cold

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Classic Episode: Show #177: Jerry’s A Dick

Originally Uploaded February, 2014

Mic Only NDS LOGONate talks his first 10k, Ted is mildly miffed, Christiana is forced into liking Jay Leno and Becca is not impressed with Jerry Seinfeld.



Show #177: Jerry’s A Dick

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Classic Episode: Show #420: Pokee This

Mic Only NDS LOGOOriginally Posted July 2016

We talk about the “Final Deletion” from the Matt & Jeff Hardy, find a new use for drones and the new Pokemon Go craze. Former host Becca Costello joins Jason, Kareem & Nate…what she’s been up to and our week of good news & bad news.



Show #420: Pokee This


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Show #489: Whoopin’ Jason

How we all spent Super Bowl Sunday…Nate & Kareem give Jason the business for not supporting Oak Park art and not inviting Nate to his Super Bowl Party.  Plus, we meet the ‘Cookie Man’ …and the most Vermont thing ever in ‘Small Town News’

Show #489: Whoopin’ Jason

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