Morning Crunchwrap 03/21/19

There is plenty of upsetting and sad news out there…but you will NOT find it on today’s Morning Crunchwrap. A major ‘Bill & Ted’ announcement, when the new movie is shooting, hitting theaters and making your teen shake their head at you. Get excited people!

Morning Crunchwrap March 21

Morning Crunchwrap 03/18/19

Sending condolences to the Netherlands this morning after the shootings there. However, the story today is something lighter that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things…Johnny Manziel is getting ANOTHER shot at pro football.

Morning Crunchwrap March 18

NDS Classic Show #80: Costa Rican Crab

Originally uploaded January 2013

Nate Darling Show LogoIt’s the first show recorded in 2013 and it’s a silly one.  Mel Gelbart returns to the show to tell us about her trip to Costa Rica and regales us with the tale of the Hobo Jew.  Plus, the flatulent fed…Kathy Griffin gets inappropriate and Nate calls someone a ‘talentless hack’

Find out why prisoners are suing beer companies, Kevin Smith’s final movie and a tale of popcorn in ‘Small Town News’

Show #80: Costa Rican Crabs

NDS Classic Show #496: Well Shoot!

Originally uploaded February 2017

Another Nate solo show…with hunters who shoot each other and blame Mexicans, a Wisconsin streaker and driving with ferret. Plus, mom & daughter work together in Florida Corner.

Show #496: Well Shoot!

Morning Crunchwrap 03/08/19

An award is set to be given to a Finnish journalist, then it’s not. Is this a “regrettable error” or something more of a look inside how the State Department is operating under the current administration? Plus, why getting your feelings hurt may be part of your job.

Morning Crunchwrap March 08