Slammin’ Show

We are joined by pro wrestler Karl Fredericks to talk a little about wrestling, and being the Internet King. Karl is more than a grappler, he hangs in and shoots on Katy Perry crashing weddings, terrible roommates and why Oklahoma is NOT OK. Give him a follow on Twitter or Instagram

Show #551: Slammin’ Show

Show #96: Big O & Saggy Pants

NDS LogoChristiana is away, so Nate, Becca & Ted tackle the constitutional right to saggy pants, Becca’s bad roommates story and the woman with no appreciation for irony.

Also, is Ted’s kitten working in cahoots with a spider?  Nate goes to San Diego and the woman who has a very different thing that gets her to the point of ultimate satisfaction.

Show #96: Big O & Saggy Pants