NDS Classic Show #312: Looks Scary, Usually Nothing

Originally uploaded July 2015

Nate makes Kareem & Sam cringe with his surprise medical situation on vacation. Plus, Kanye makes Freddie Mercury spin in his grave…and the danger lurking in Gordie Little’s backyard.

Show #312: Looks Scary, Usually Nothing


Show #95: KLJ & the Iron Lady

NDS LogoComedian Keith Lowell Jensen stops by the show to discuss his new album “Elf Orgy” which is available on Amazon and iTunes. Cute stories about his daughter’s mind, his first trip to Vermont and how his comedy gets him categorized in weird ways.

We also talk Margaret Thatcher, why it’s not good to compliment women on their appearance and Men in Kilts.  Plus, our pitching of the show to radio programmers continues and the cop who really loves his work.

Show #95: KLJ & the Iron Lady