Show #603: Trump Baby Balloon

Nate & Kareem carry on without Jason (who is travelling)…we wonder why 8 members of Congress spent the 4th of July in Moscow…What’s up with the Sacramento Kings…and we explore a bunch of racists who were outed on social media. Plus, it’s back…Speakout on Small Town News.

Show #603: Trump Baby Balloon

Show #602: Pocket Pussies

Thanos reads Donald Trump’s tweets, what the mean kids called Greg Louganis in school and what’s up with the dude who tried to have sex with a tailpipe. Plus, even though Jason isn’t on board, it’s time to break the stigma of male sex toys.

Show #602: Pocket Pussies

NDS Classic Show #166: All-American New Year

Originally Uploaded January 2014

We’re back with our first show recorded in 2014! Nate’s travel tales, Ted’s birthday celebration and what we learned from FOX NEWS on NYE.

Plus, a new movie about boobs that splits our ladies…geek v. nerd and some fun passive-aggressive notes to neighbors.

Show #166: All-American New Year

Show #596: Drake Diss Track

Pusha T responds to Drake…and we’re all over it. We’ve got a double dose of Florida Corner…including old raisin balls, Hulk Hogan thinking his “friend” Bam Margera was dead, a man trying to shoot down a drone and a homeless guy stealing a cop car. Plus, we unveil “Assclown Roundup”

Show #596: Drake Diss Track

NDS Classic Show #163: Adios 2013

Originally uploaded December 2013

It’s our final show of 2013 and we break down the best and worst of the year for each of us.  Plus, banned from Walmart, a hidden message and survey madness.

Also, an odd way to pass a drug test, the things Floridians did with a machete in 2013 and Nate’s resolution for everyone else.

Show #163: Adios 2013

Show #591: My Hometown

SPOILER ALERT: We are talking about ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ so if you don’t want spoilers, speed ahead to 33:40 into the show. Plus, why is Joe Piscopo trending? And Small Town News is from Nate’s hometown…and it’s not pretty.

Show #591: My Hometown

Show #589: Wolf Scares D.C.

We bust apart Michelle Wolf’s set at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner…our thoughts on her, what was the funniest moment and why Kareem thinks everyone is so upset about it. Plus, Cosby is guilty, Meek Mill is out of jail and no, they didn’t poop it out.

Show #589: Wolf Scares D.C.

NDS Classic Show #522: Wrong Way, Asshole

Originally uploaded June 2017

Jason has a fun weekend at the Black Book Fair and Nate goes to an A’s game and meets the fine folk in Salinas, CA! We talk Kathy Griffin, why you should listen to people who disagree with you and some people were going to Harvard…now they’re not. And we speculate about Kareem’s digestive tract.

Show #522: Wrong Way, Asshole

NDS Classic Show #136: Buttwater & Haters

Originally uploaded September 2013

Hear Ted & Becca’s tale of an exciting rafting trip on the American River, plus Nate & Christiana see the same movie…what they both thought of “The World’s End”

Then find out the one person Andy Cohen never wants to see again, Dita Von Teese’s secrets to seduction and a man in Florida with a very unique “talent”

Plus, find out why haters gonna hate.

Show #136: Buttwater & Haters