Show #135: Peanut Butter

NDS LogoThe conclusion of Nate’s vacation stories, including the Top 10 Reasons to Move to Bend, Oregon.  Plus, why the State of New York is suing Donald Trump…and Trump is suing Scotland…Hint: he’s a dick!

One of our Florida Corner stories takes an odd turn right in the middle (Florida Reporter), a British chick dislocates her jaw and an exciting event from Maine in Small Town News

Show 135: Peanut Butter

Show #134: Next Mrs. Darling

NDS LogoNate returns from vacation with stories from Portland & Seattle. Then a spunky young lady steals her own bike back and steals Nate’s heart.

We hear more reflection on Becca’s reflective retreat, our take on Miley’s VMA performance and Christiana loves Ben Afleck.

Show #134: Next Mrs. Darling

Show #133: That’s Not A Lion

NDS LogoWe introduce the Moron of the Week!  Taken down by his own “Likes”  Find out what to do when there’s no time to pee and the worst gun safety instructor ever.

Plus, Florida Corner is replaced by “China Corner’…a trip the the ‘Mile High Club’ that went back for seconds and the Frat that inspired ‘Animal House’ is in trouble again.  Remember, fat, drunk & stupid is no way to go through life.

Show 133: That’s Not A Lion

Show #132: Titty Time!

NDS LogoBecca returns from a 12 day silent retreat that sounds more like a hostage situation than anything.  Nate gets his cell phone stolen and Christiana defends the Po-Po.

Plus, Ninja Hobos, Facial Discrimination and what precipitated “Titty Time!”

Show 132: Titty Time

Show #131: Steven Seagal

NDS LogoFor the first time in the history of the podcasts…131 shows…we all completely lose our shit…find out what caused the whole gang to break out in uncontrolled laughter.

Plus, Ted gets a gift from a listener, Nate insults the Swiss and Christiana finds her own little corner of nirvana and it all starts with a piece of buttered toast.  Thanks to Nick Pettigrew for sitting in for Becca who is not meditating like Lady Gaga.

Show 131: Steven Seagal

Show #130: We Heart WWE

NDS LogoWith Becca away on a silent retreat, Nick Pettigrew from the Critical Hit show joins Nate, Ted & Christiana.  We talk about our outing to Monday Night Raw in Sacramento and break down the types of people at the show and why Ted got angry at a 7 year old.

Plus, diagnosed as “chronically gay”…Lady Gaga meditates naked and Sydney Leathers explains how to seduce a politician.

Show #130: We Heart WWE

Show #129: F*ck You, We’re Friendly

NDS LogoHappy Friday…enjoy the “fun” of the German language compared with others.  Sacramento named an “unfriendly” city and the difference between real sex and porn sex.

Also, what if Anthony Weiner were a woman?  A discussion of the V-Steam treatment and how one man got a faster response from 9-1-1.

Please write us in in Sacramento Magazine’s Best of Sacramento.  See the post on for how to make it happen.

Show #129: F*ck You, We’re Friendly

Best of Sac

Sacramento Magazine has opened voting for favorite things around Sacramento.  We would love to be a part of that.  So, if you could go here:

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Voting ends August 30.

Show #128: Oprah, the Beard & Leathers

NDS LogoTed goes to Vegas, Christiana goes to the beach and Nate gets a massage.  Plus, Sydney Leathers does the rubbing herself…Oprah responds to the n-word and the beard finds a new home.

We also explore when honesty isn’t the best policy and the latest viral ad.

Show #128: Oprah, the Beard & Leathers

Show #127: I Repeat, Do NOT Go To Redskins Training Camp

NDS LogoHappy Friday peeps…on this episode we talk about Fox News and Jesus (one of those things makes Ted VERY angry), an older lady who doesn’t care for strangers and a younger lady’s less than satisfying experience at Washington Redskins training camp.

Plus, we talk Emmy nominations until Becca gets cranky and explore the old item that’s becoming a new trend in Small Town News.

Show #127: I Repeat, Do NOT Go To Redskins Training Camp