Show #79: Happy New Year!

Nate Darling Show LogoWe ring in the New Year with some interesting questions…like, Is it OK to want a Latina girlfriend for Christmas? and Is 10 years too much?

Ted, Christiana & Nate all give their predictions for 2013 as does Steve from Fresno on the listener line.  We break out the best of the Police blotter in the Bay Area and the words Time Magazine would like banned in 2013.

Plus, we head back to Maine for some ‘Small Town News’

Show #79: Happy New Year

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Show #78: Merry Christmas…& Boxing Day

Nate Darling Show LogoHo Ho Ho….Merry Christmas to all.  We bring you to a new place, I call ‘Canada Corner’ We discuss our favorite Christmas TV Specials & Movies…fight the War on Christmas from a different perspective.  Plus, the book that nobody should be talking about, but we are anyway.

Also, we teased that we’d talk about a story, then forgot….we will get to that one on the New Year’s Show!

Merry Christmas to all and thank you for shopping Amazon through our website!

Show #78: Merry Christmas…& Boxing Day



Show #77: Grand Theft Beer

Nate Darling Show LogoThe Holiday Season is riding high and we’ve got the silly and serious.  The foiled plot to castrate Justin Bieber…the family that really pisses Nate off and a spirited argument over fat girls crying on TV.

Plus, Small Town News tracks major crime in Maine.


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Show #77: Grand Theft Beer

Show #76: Barenaked & Silly

A Saturday recording session has us in a silly mood. Ted’s take on “Holiday Trees”, the new expression Christiana has taught her toddler and Nate’s new big goal.

Plus, we sing a little song…Katt Willams’ big week…why you should be careful when eating leftovers and Small Town News is fresh from Nebraska for the first time!

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Show 76 Barenaked & Silly

Happy Holidays from the NDS Crew!

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Show #75: Say No To The C Word

A show as crazy as Katt Williams! We talk about the comedian’s antics in Sacramento, give you sex news from Florida and West Virginia (alcohol was involved), plus the product that no one should ever buy.

Then Christiana cries foul on a word, Ted’s new Windows Phone App and Nate’s Laundryroom Mexican Stand-off.


Show #75: No To The C Word