Show #660: Johnny F-Ball

A big announcement is un-announced…Johnny F-Ball has a new job…and what’s going on at the Cracker Barrel? Plus, grievances about comedians, relatives and what have become meaningless terms on social media.

Show #660: Johnny F-Ball

NDS Classic Show #80: Costa Rican Crab

Originally uploaded January 2013

Nate Darling Show LogoIt’s the first show recorded in 2013 and it’s a silly one.  Mel Gelbart returns to the show to tell us about her trip to Costa Rica and regales us with the tale of the Hobo Jew.  Plus, the flatulent fed…Kathy Griffin gets inappropriate and Nate calls someone a ‘talentless hack’

Find out why prisoners are suing beer companies, Kevin Smith’s final movie and a tale of popcorn in ‘Small Town News’

Show #80: Costa Rican Crabs

Show #659: Greased Up, Angry Jason

Jason & Kareem aren’t excited about ALL NINE SEASONS of Little House on the Prairie being available on Amazon Prime.  Kareem is upset with media coverage of his beloved Steelers and Jason is upset with everything. Plus, what happens when Domino’s forgets the wings…and when the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell doesn’t have enough meat? And Holland, Vermont is no longer a “dry” town, but you still can’t buy alcohol there…an explosive Small Town News!

Show #659: Greased Up, Angry Jason

Show #658: Betting On Himself

Jason is angry with the world, Kareem is going to Ohio and Nate FINALLY makes his big announcement! Plus, Devin Nunes has an issue with the “STRAW POLICE” Tucker Carlson has said some pretty shitty things on the “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” and tractor to the rescue in Small Town News.

Show #658: Betting On Himself

NDS Classic Show #496: Well Shoot!

Originally uploaded February 2017

Another Nate solo show…with hunters who shoot each other and blame Mexicans, a Wisconsin streaker and driving with ferret. Plus, mom & daughter work together in Florida Corner.

Show #496: Well Shoot!

NDS Classic Show #201: Get Diana To The Bunny Ranch

Originally uploaded May 2014

NOTE: Diana is now in a committed, loving relationship. This is a period piece.

We talk flashing beaver in Beaverton, the new place that’s banned Donald Sterling and Diana’s new “goal”

Show #201: Get Diana To The Bunny Ranch