Show #91: Meditation Chatterbox

NDS LogoHey, Good Friday Everybody!  On this episode, Ted gets in a Fender Bender, Christiana gives Tina Fey too much credit and Nate dodges furniture on the freeway.  Plus, Becca’s “silent retreat” isn’t what she bargained for, why she needed a retreat from the retreat.

We’ve got penis news, from big to small and Rush Limbaugh has some opinions about Beyonce and how chickens might be turning your kids gay!

Show #91: Meditation Chatterbox

Show #90: Planes, Donuts & Kardashians

NDS LogoWe welcome back Zack Wandell from the Donut Dash to talk about how many people dashed, how much money was raised, what you can still do to help a great program and exactly when the run is next year.  Plus, his very intense tale of small aircraft trouble.

Once we’re done being good people, we chat about the smell contest the Kardashian sisters had ON TV, why yoga pants are awesome and terrible, depending on your perspective and the man who keeps stealing ice cream from churches.  Plus, an unconventional canoe ride in Small Town News.

Show #90: Plane’s, Donuts & Kardashians

Show #89: The ‘Loin

Nate Darling Show LogoWe launch our first Friday show ever…there will be 2 shows a week (Wed & Fri) from now on.

Are babies evil?  Is it ok to use a burrito as a weapon?  And what exactly is a “dirty chisler”  Plus, the new scam that’s leaving men with their pants down.

In our new segment “Good, Bad & God-Awful”…we advise Chris Brown, Taylor Swift and John Oliver.  What it’s like being a social worker in one of San Francisco’s neighborhoods…and Christiana’s story of living in ‘the Loin’

Show 89 The Loin

Show #88: Keep It Porcelain

Nate Darling Show LogoWe’re BACK…and we have an extra person as Becca Costello sits in with the gang.  We talk about moms and dads and strippers.

Plus, how to land a man…the creepy real estate agent…and a lady who is VERY extreme about couponing.

Remember, there will be another new show for you on Friday morning, that’s right…TWO FREE SHOWS EVERY WEEK!!!

Show #88: Keep It Porcelain

Classic Show: #70 Goodbye Mel & Larry

From October 2012.  New shows return next week!

Nate Darling Show LogoThe final show with the original cast as Larry & Mel say farewell.  What they’ll be doing with their new free time.

Some of our favorite memories…Larry’s new biggest fear and plans for the future.  Plus, Sarah Silverman’s dad defends his girl, breastfeeding the pug and the lawsuit over penis injections.


Show #70: Farewell Mel & Larry

Classic Show: #67 Sexy Bin Laden Beard


From October, 2012.  New Shows return March 20th!
Nate Darling Show LogoArjun Singh from the band Wallpaper and the Public Access Show join us to talk about a new Wallpaper album, Carly Rae Jepsen and Billie Joe Armstrong.

Plus, Mel has an odd soft spot for an evil beard…Nate goes to the WWE and Larry is talking to Russia. Also, the strange sounds in Small Town News.


Show 67: Sexy Bin Laden Beard

Classic Show: #77 Grand Theft Beer

A newer “classic” show from December 2012.  New shows return on March 20th!

Nate Darling Show LogoThe Holiday Season is riding high and we’ve got the silly and serious.  The foiled plot to castrate Justin Bieber…the family that really pisses Nate off and a spirited argument over fat girls crying on TV.

Plus, Small Town News tracks major crime in Maine.


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Show #77: Grand Theft Beer

Classic Show: #36 Like a Lion

Please enjoy this classic show from Feb of 2012.

Our Show Logo with Talent

Last show of February and we tackle Angelina Jolie’s leg, J-Lo’s nipple and the cat that’s running for Senate.  Nick Pettigrew & Micaela Smith from “Critical Hit: A Geek Comedy Show” join Nate & Mel to find the bright side of posthumous Mormon baptisms, talk surgery to get taller and Nick tells his tale of his oft-stolen car.

Show #36_ In Like a Lion