Show #633: Sex For Salad

A man is busted on a sex for salad beef and we’ve got an issue with it. Plus, we’ve got a bit of an election wrap-up including Cranky Trump. Also, the Breaking Bad movie, a drunk baggage handler and what YOUR state is googling about Thanksgiving.

Show #633: Sex For Salad

NDS Classic Show #447: Cam Newton’s Hat

Originally uploaded September 2016

We talk about questionable headwear, a roommate nightmare and Corey Feldman on the Today Show. Plus, the power of Christ compels you and the best Small Town News maybe ever.

Show #447: Cam Newton’s Hat

NDS Classic Show #70: Farewell Mel & Larry

Originally posted October 2012.

Nate Darling Show LogoThe final show with the original cast as Larry & Mel say farewell.  What they’ll be doing with their new free time.

Some of our favorite memories…Larry’s new biggest fear and plans for the future.  Plus, Sarah Silverman’s dad defends his girl, breastfeeding the pug and the lawsuit over penis injections.

Show #70: Farewell Mel & Larry

Show #69: Black Like Hef

Originally Uploaded October 2012 (it was a different time)

Our pal Kareem J. Daniels stops by to give us some of his Obama myths and endure some mildly racist comments. Mel checks out when we talk politics, but wakes up when Kareem accuses Larry of “talking out the other side of his ass”

We argue about a hipster on a bike getting a ticket and the principal who used toilet plungers for hall passes….and the job that only 1 person wants in Small Town News.

Show #69: Black Like Hef

Show #69: Black Like Hef

Show #628: Set The Canoe Free

We explore the thankless job of driving for a ride share, talk about a chainsaw vs lawnmower fight and Coach Dave claims the Holy Spirit talks to him.  Plus, we’ve got grievances AND a power outage.

Show #628: Set The Canoe Free.

Show #490: Angry Yoga & Haters

Originally Uploaded February 2017

The boys explore the benefits of Angry Yoga…plus, a new dating app…Ivanka gets dumped and a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day!

Show #490: Angry Yoga & Haters

Show #625: I Understand

After a week away, we have stories…Jason’s illness, Kareem’s photo project and Nate’s trip to Vermont. Plus, we talk Kanye on SNL and break down what the hell happened at UFC 229, from how Joe Rogan handled a challenging interview…to the nonsense after the main event. And we make Kareem defend a Steeler’s TD celebration.


Show #625: I Understand

NDS Classic Show #89: The ‘Loin

Nate Darling Show LogoOriginally uploaded March 2013

We launch our first Friday show ever…there will be 2 shows a week (Wed & Fri) from now on.

Are babies evil?  Is it ok to use a burrito as a weapon?  And what exactly is a “dirty chisler”  Plus, the new scam that’s leaving men with their pants down.

In our new segment “Good, Bad & God-Awful”…we advise Chris Brown, Taylor Swift and John Oliver.  What it’s like being a social worker in one of San Francisco’s neighborhoods…and Christiana’s story of living in ‘the Loin’

Show 89 The Loin

NDS Classic Show #215: Kanye-Fidence

Mic Only NDS LOGOOriginally Uploaded June 2014

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone do something cool, crazy things happen in China and a mayor reads some tweets.  Plus, we give everyone a dose of Kanye-fidence.

Show #215: Kanye-Fidence

Show #624: Coat Him in VapoRub

Nate and Kareem soldier on without Jason, PayPal cuts off InfoWars, Greg Popovich explains why we need to talk about White Privilege and Chevy Chase burns bridges. Plus, when a selfie is the last thing you do…why Bruno Mars led to a pistol whipping and what happens when a white woman steals an ambulance in Oregon?

Show #624: Coat Him in VapoRub