Morning Crunchwrap 04/18/19

Talk show host Wendy Williams, famous for dishing the dirt on other celebrities, now has dirt on herself. But will she treat her own relationship the way she’s treated so many others? TMZ has the juicy gossip, so I guess turnabout is fair play.

Morning Crunchwrap April 18

Show #665: Genny Screamers

Nate has a tale about his tail…and his body’s battle with a certain brew. Plus, there IS a chainsaw in my pants, 2 morons are called out by a wife and yes, you can get liver and onions in Grand Forks.

Show #665: Genny Screamers

Show #663: You Can Stick It In

The Friday episode talks a little healthcare, including a Canadian family that drove 2 days with a dead 87 year old man in the car because US healthcare was too expensive, and Nate relays a health cost story that highlights the problem even further. Plus, YouTube restricting Prageru, what they say the problems are in the Black Community and why “sounding smart” is part of the problem. Also, we discuss public fornication…are we in favor…and what does Tone Loc have to do with any of this?  LET’S DO IT!

Show #663: You Can Stick It In

Morning Crunchwrap 04/03/19

With Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin in court today, TMZ has learned prosecutors would want jail time with any plea deal in the case. Why do we talk about this case of fraud more than others…and are these celebrities getting more than their share of blame? Also, should they do actual jail time?

Morning Crunchwrap April 03

Show #662: I’m A Snowflake

We talk National Security concerns, the murder of Nipsy Hustle and our various grievances. Plus, a WWE concert of sorts and Marilyn visits a pizza joint for a sandwich in ‘Small Town News’

Show #662: I’m A Snowflake

NDS Classic Show #470: Loser’s Parade

Originally uploaded November 2016

Mic Only NDS LOGO Uncensored Kareem hates the white working class and Nate really isn’t that mad about anything. Plus, a parade for a “perfect” season in Cleveland and what we’re thankful for…and Nate invites all of you to the wedding.

Show #470: Loser’s Parade

NDS Classic Show #575: Vagina Mohawks

Originally uploaded February 2018

There’s a hot new trend in “fashion” and we’re all over it. Plus, Kareem loves Black Panther, Jason loves ice cream and Nate isn’t offended at “Peter Rabbit”

Show #575: Vagina Mohawks

NDS Classic Show #149: Stop Hitting Yourself

Originally uploaded October 2013

A NBA player punches himself, a restaurant closes…another is set to open and some odd vacation complaints.

Plus, Florida Corner and Small Town News become one!

Show #149: Stop Hitting Yourself