Show #490: Angry Yoga & Haters

Originally Uploaded February 2017

The boys explore the benefits of Angry Yoga…plus, a new dating app…Ivanka gets dumped and a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day!

Show #490: Angry Yoga & Haters

Show #621: Trump’s Penis

Stormy Daniels drops a bombshell about Trump’s penis and “Yeti Pubes”…Eminem drops a diss track on MGK and a Kentucky woman makes a mess. Plus, we call Jason about an attempted monkey theft and there’s a “new” sex position sweeping the nation.

Show #621: Trump’s Penis

NDS Classic Show #146: Wallpaper Is Cool

Originally posted October 2013

Welcome to the Wednesday episode.  We are joined by Arjun Singh, drummer from the band Wallpaper. We talk about his summer on the Warped Tour, the band’s major label debut and his other venture, The Public Access Show.

We also discuss the Sinead O’Connor/Miley Cyrus feud, 6th grade boys being disruptive and Becca gives some good advice.

Show #146: Wallpaper Is Cool

Show #619: Don’t Bake While Baked

While Jason is away, Nate & Kareem hold down the fort…the President can’t say Anonymous…we have advice if you’re with a woman who throws shoes and WTF is going on in Ohio? Plus, Speakout is in Small Town News.

Show #619: Don’t Bake While Baked

Show #609: A Well Hong Return

Diana Hong returns to the show, one last time before her big move to LA. We talk about Johnny Football’s upcoming CFL debut, Roy Moore threatening to sue Sacha Baron Cohen and the new Religious Freedom Task Force. Plus, Diana and Kareem shout at each other while Nate & Jason enjoy the show. And we hear from some MLB players who are sorry about their tweets from 2011. Catch Diana Friday night at 8pm at the VFW in West Sacramento.

Show #609: A Well Hong Return

NDS Classic Show #166: All-American New Year

Originally Uploaded January 2014

We’re back with our first show recorded in 2014! Nate’s travel tales, Ted’s birthday celebration and what we learned from FOX NEWS on NYE.

Plus, a new movie about boobs that splits our ladies…geek v. nerd and some fun passive-aggressive notes to neighbors.

Show #166: All-American New Year

NDS Classic Show #163: Adios 2013

Originally uploaded December 2013

It’s our final show of 2013 and we break down the best and worst of the year for each of us.  Plus, banned from Walmart, a hidden message and survey madness.

Also, an odd way to pass a drug test, the things Floridians did with a machete in 2013 and Nate’s resolution for everyone else.

Show #163: Adios 2013

NDS Classic Show #51: How To Please A Lady

Our Show Logo with TalentOriginally posted June 2012

A crazy fun show this week!  We give a real big shout out to our favorite cheer team.  Mel & Larry defend people who are “just taking orders” Nate says something horribly inappropriate (I was being ridiculous on purpose, meter maids are NOT as bad as Nazis).  We tell you about the movie every gay dude has taken notice of…that Nate knew nothing about.

We suffer a slight computer “malfunction” mid-show & you get to hear our behind the scenes ignorance.

Plus, Nate explains how to properly seduce a lady…Mel explains Lady Business & Larry explains why dual dude stubble friction is a dangerous thing.

Show #51: How To Please A Lady

NDS Classic Show #446: Too Spent To Argue

Originally Posted September 2016

After a very energetic week of arguing with each other, the guys don’t have much energy for the grievances, but still pull some out for you. Plus, an old people traffic standoff, Lil Wayne says he’s never experienced racism and another episode of “Sex Toy News” and Speakout is back with more pointless anger.

Show #446: Too Spent To Argue

Show #578: #MusicHeardInHell

We follow a couple twitter trends and talk about our top 3 songs played on a loop in hell. Enjoy our pain. Plus, we talk about the ‘Queer Eye’ reboot and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele has had enough.


Show #578: #MusicHeardInHell