Show #39: Green & Sexy

Our Show Logo with TalentWe talk tournament, St. Patrick’s Day and unveil a new segment “Bad Cop, Worse Cop”…Plus, we learn about Larry’s affliction & Nate & Mel give a bonus sex ed session.

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Show 39 Green&Sexy

Show #37: Our New Home

Our Show Logo with TalentNate, Larry & Mel discuss the new website…Nate’s trip to Alcatraz, Larry goes to the Daytona 500 & Mel meets a ‘pen pal’  We discuss Kirk Cameron, Rush Limbaugh, butt plugs…and the naked man who wanted a job.



Show 37 Our New Home

Show #36: In Like A Lion

Our Show Logo with TalentOriginal Posting Date: 2/28/12

Last show of February and we tackle Angelina Jolie’s leg, J-Lo’s nipple and the cat that’s running for Senate.  Nick Pettigrew & Micaela Smith from “Critical Hit: A Geek Comedy Show” join Nate & Mel to find the bright side of posthumous Mormon baptisms, talk surgery to get taller and Nick tells his tale of his oft-stolen car.

Show #36_ In Like a Lion

Bonus Show: Golden Naked Man Awards

Original Posting Date: 2/26/12

It’s Oscar night, so why not a special show?  Nate is joined by Jason Knight from JD Knight Films & his friend, and movie buff, Hootee!  Whether you saw the show or not, you didn’t see it like this!  We give our own awards & insight on the show, plus, the most touching moments and what Nick Nolte might’ve done to Billy Crystal at an Oscar after-party.

Bonus Show_ Golden Naked Man Awards

Show #35: Stop the LINsanity

Our Show Logo with TalentOriginal Posting Date: 2/20/12

We recorded early, so you get the goods a bit early…cheeky monkeys.  This week, Larry goes to Death Valley & Vegas and comes back smitten.  Mel tells quite possibly her best cop story yet…and Nate tells a story that sounds dirty, but isn’t…plus, we have a disagreement about puns.

Show #35_ Stop the LINSanity

Show #34: Valentine’s Day

Our Show Logo with TalentOriginal Posting Date: 2/13/12

Funny man, actor & bon vivant John Alston joins Nate 8 Mel.  Women who actually want to be beaten…Who is Paul McCartney? Plus, Mel tells the story of a penis in the ear & Nate recounts a legendary 3rd date.


Show #34_ Valentine’s Day

Show #33: Super Half

Our Show Logo with TalentOriginal Posting Date: 2/07/12

We recap the Super Bowl from the game to the Halftime Show & more….we do not agree.  Plus, Larry has medical issues, Mel is upset with Nate about a Facebook post & Nate enlists a rapper from Maine to defend Vermont’s honor.


Show #33_ Super Half

Show #32: Ground Hog Day

Our Show Logo with TalentOriginal Posting Date: 1/31/12

recorded a GREAT podcast with guest Keith Lowell Jensen…then when I hit stop, computer crashed & we lost the whole thing….gone.   Larry had to run, but Mel & Nate hung out to make a fun podcast for you!  Why Nate loves running, but Mel hates it…the woman who married a building…and what cops are trained to yell no matter what.  Plus, two tracks from Keith’s CD “Cats Made of Rabbits”

Show #32_ Ground Hog Day