NDS Classic Show #70: Farewell Mel & Larry

Originally posted October 2012.

Nate Darling Show LogoThe final show with the original cast as Larry & Mel say farewell.  What they’ll be doing with their new free time.

Some of our favorite memories…Larry’s new biggest fear and plans for the future.  Plus, Sarah Silverman’s dad defends his girl, breastfeeding the pug and the lawsuit over penis injections.

Show #70: Farewell Mel & Larry

NDS Classic Show #359: 2015 Christmas Music Spectacular

Originally Uploaded December 2015

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Nate Darling Show. Jason & Nate bring you 90 minutes of the favorite Christmas songs from the cast of the show and our significant others. Hope you enjoy this Christmas tradition.

Show #359: 2015 Christmas Music Spectacular

NDS Classic Show #26: Christmas Special

Our Show Logo with TalentOriginal Posting Date: 12/20/11

It’s our first Christmas Special and marks 6 months of the show.  Great songs, our gifts for each other…Larry is VERY excited by the gift he gets…Plus, what a brother does for a brother.

Show #26_ Christmas Special

NDS Classic Show #18: Halloween Special

Originally uploaded October, 2011

Revisit the original cast of the show as we talk about our favorite Halloween memories, candies & more!

Featuring Nate, Mel Gelbart and Larry Glover-Meade

Show #18_ Halloween Special

NDS Classic Show #42: Shame Spiral

Originally uploaded April 2012

Larry is tanning his toned calves, so Nick Pettigrew joins Nate & Mel for the fun.

We discover lots of horrible British people, revel in the Iron Sheik and reveal the dream twitter war. Plus, why we should all have just a little more shame

Show #42: Shame Spiral

Show #476: Hello 2017

We cruise into 2017 with a bunch of grievances. Plus, some great Sex Toy News and a Florida lady who has a temp job while she’s pregnant.

Show #476: Hello 2017

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Show #474: Happy Belated Christmas

Kareem, Jason & Nate are back, but our audio board is being a jerk, so we have to break out the old one. We talk about our Christmases and favorite gifts, plus a lady makes a Princemas tree, goats “sing” a Christmas song and we explain why a Yankee Swap is better than White Elephant.

Show #474: Happy Belated Christmas

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Show #468: Election Reaction

Mic Only NDS LOGOThe gang is back with the first show we’ve recorded since the election. How we’re all handling it…some better than others…plus some election bets and Bernie Sanders weighs in.

Show #468: Election Reaction

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Show #158: Science Lady

Mic Only NDS LOGONate, Ted & Christiana discuss dreams, a very Disney Thanksgiving and the most cursingest state.  Diana Hong joins in for a fun time with Danica Patrick, the science lady who gets dirty comments online and the fight that has Baron Hilton suing Lindsay Lohan.


Show #158: Science Lady