Show #565: Happy 2018

We’ve got real…and fake resolutions for the New Year…and try to figure out which is which. Plus, our predictions are a little crazy…we got a strip club fire, drag queens at the library and a little Alex Jones. Happy New Year, everyone!

Show #565: Happy 2018

Show #269: Money For Nothing

Mic Only NDS LOGOAnother full cast…Nate talks about seeing “Top 5” in the theatre, the Bills former coach gets paid for nothing, Oprah isn’t paying and there’s a nude dude on the freeway.

Plus, we all recap how we rang in 2015 and we discover a service that will send poop to peeps.

Show #269: Money For Nothing

Show #79: Happy New Year!

Nate Darling Show LogoWe ring in the New Year with some interesting questions…like, Is it OK to want a Latina girlfriend for Christmas? and Is 10 years too much?

Ted, Christiana & Nate all give their predictions for 2013 as does Steve from Fresno on the listener line.  We break out the best of the Police blotter in the Bay Area and the words Time Magazine would like banned in 2013.

Plus, we head back to Maine for some ‘Small Town News’

Show #79: Happy New Year

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