NDS Classic Show #441: Send In The Clowns


Originally uploaded September 2016

There are evil clowns in South Carolina…or are there??? Plus, a naked bandit…more Ohio nonsense…and Nate drives to San Francisco to hunt for ribbon.

Show #441: Send In The Clowns

NDS Classic Show #148: Open Letter To Open Letters

Originally posted October 2013

Mic Only NDS LOGOChristiana makes her triumphant return to the podcast…well, she’s back.  We discuss what she’s been up to, including her upcoming charity event to benefit the YMCA.

Plus, more open letters, a crazy radio call of a NFL game and a spat between classy ladies

Show #148: Open Letter To Open Letters

NDS Classic Show #70: Farewell Mel & Larry

Originally posted October 2012.

Nate Darling Show LogoThe final show with the original cast as Larry & Mel say farewell.  What they’ll be doing with their new free time.

Some of our favorite memories…Larry’s new biggest fear and plans for the future.  Plus, Sarah Silverman’s dad defends his girl, breastfeeding the pug and the lawsuit over penis injections.

Show #70: Farewell Mel & Larry

Show #69: Black Like Hef

Originally Uploaded October 2012 (it was a different time)

Our pal Kareem J. Daniels stops by to give us some of his Obama myths and endure some mildly racist comments. Mel checks out when we talk politics, but wakes up when Kareem accuses Larry of “talking out the other side of his ass”

We argue about a hipster on a bike getting a ticket and the principal who used toilet plungers for hall passes….and the job that only 1 person wants in Small Town News.

Show #69: Black Like Hef

Show #69: Black Like Hef

NDS Classic Show #89: The ‘Loin

Nate Darling Show LogoOriginally uploaded March 2013

We launch our first Friday show ever…there will be 2 shows a week (Wed & Fri) from now on.

Are babies evil?  Is it ok to use a burrito as a weapon?  And what exactly is a “dirty chisler”  Plus, the new scam that’s leaving men with their pants down.

In our new segment “Good, Bad & God-Awful”…we advise Chris Brown, Taylor Swift and John Oliver.  What it’s like being a social worker in one of San Francisco’s neighborhoods…and Christiana’s story of living in ‘the Loin’

Show 89 The Loin

NDS Classic Show #350: Bye Single Jason


Originally Uploaded November 2015

We mark the final podcast with a single Jason Casey before he head off to marry his lovely fiance. Diana can only stay for a bit as she’s got to work early…but we discuss dropping a digit and how to slip in a thumb.  Also, we meet David Hoff…reveal the most pretentious cities and explore what happens when a driverless car gets pulled over.

Show #350: Bye Single Jason

Show #618: Javarous Got Your Nuts

There is crazy shit going on in Texas…crazy shit in North Carolina and people are destroying their Nike merch. Plus, Kareem can’t explain what’s going on. Here’s a link to the photographer that Kareem mentioned http://store.justinaharoni.com/

Show #618: Javarous Got Your Nuts

NDS Classic Show #473: Goat Is A Little Strong

Originally posted December 2016

It’s been 3 long weeks since we’ve complained…Kareem is still angry about politics, Jason rages against the War on Christmas and Nate is pissed that Guava juice is cheaper in North Dakota than in Hawaii. Plus, Nate’s first class brush with fame and the man with marker on his face.

Show #473: Goat Is A Little Strong

NDS Classic Show #182: White Homo

From March 2014

We break down the Oscars, give some advice to Paula Deen & break down the dangerous threat in the neighborhood.


Show #182: White Homo