Show #524: Creepy Old Man

The President is creepy in front of a room of foreign reporters, a teacher is a porn star and Nate heads to Disney. Plus, we’ve got grievances about almost everyone and Pennsylvania makes a case to unseat Ohio as “Florida of the North”

Show #524: Creepy Old Man

NDS Classic Show #362: Spoiling Star Wars

Originally uploaded January 2016

Kareem doesn’t care, so Nate, Jason & Sam completely spoil Star Wars but you’re given warning (return at 15:37). Plus, Cosby gets charged…Miss Columbia gets a big porn offer and Donald Trump has the “best words.” We explore #CarlyCurse and Mike Tyson hitting the floor…hard.

Show #362: Spoiling Star Wars

NDS Classic Show #403: Fog Vodka & Porn Fitness

Originally uploaded May 2016

What do you do if a big cat naps on your front porch…how PornHub is trying to keep you in shape and a lady gets her ticket punched (so to speak) at the Gun Show. Plus, a vodka made from fog and some gun play in Florida Corner.

Show #403: Fog Vodka & Porn Fitness


NDS Classic Show #444: Poopfarter

Originally Uploaded September 2016

There’s a loud agreement in the air as Nate & Kareem have a very different perspective, but are on the same side. Plus, the “Poopfarter” takes the Subway of New York and a lady takes a catfish to the face.

Show #444: Poopfarter

NDS Classic Show #93: Oh Georgia…

Originally uploaded April 2013

In this episode, we talk Justin Bieber’s monkey…the stolen script and a crazy Ford ad from India featuring Paris Hilton & the Kardashians.

Plus, a look at the violence that penis art can cause, what would drive Becca and Christiana to punch someone and more on Jon Hamm’s new offer.  Also, the head of Georgia’s Republican party says some things that demonstrate that she hasn’t spent much time on the

Show #93: Oh Georgia…

Show #523: Cup-O-Bedbugs

Some crazy shit going on with the phony baloney “religious” people on the TV…oh and a strange protest in Maine. Plus, a snake bites a baby…a porn star hits her boyfriend, goes to jail, then back to her husband. And the people of Plattsburgh have to Speakout about their nonsense.

Show #523: Cup-O-Bedbugs

Show #522: Wrong Way, Asshole

Jason has a fun weekend at the Black Book Fair and Nate goes to an A’s game and meets the fine folk in Salinas, CA! We talk Kathy Griffin, why you should listen to people who disagree with you and some people were going to Harvard…now they’re not. And we speculate about Kareem’s digestive tract.

Show #522: Wrong Way, Asshole

NDS Classic Show #184: Meanwhile In Canada

Originally Uploaded March 2014

We’ve got a lot of odd news from Canada to Florida and back…plus, what cabin fever does to Gordie Little in “Small Town News.”

Show #184: Meanwhile in Canada


Show #521: Summer Vasectomy

Twin sisters have had enough of each other, kids just say NO to Paul Ryan and when can rich guys finally catch a break? And we’ve got strong feelings about “promposals”

Show #521: Summer Vasectomy