Morning Crunchwrap 02/26/19

President Trump’s former lawyer is testifying this week, to closed sessions today and Thursday…and an open one on Wednesday. The accusations he’s planning to level and the reaction from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Why you should make time and watch for yourself.

Morning Crunchwrap Feb 26

Morning Crunchwrap 02/25/19

Lots of big moments in the Oscars last night, perhaps none as exciting as the trailer for ‘The Irishman” coming this fall to theaters and Netflix. Some facts about the filming and how you can get ready for it, so you walk out of the movie as excited as you are now.

Morning Crunchwrap Feb 25

Morning Crunchwrap 02/20/19

I explain why the Morning Crunchwrap isn’t addressing any news involving President Trump or any of the scandals that he or his administration are being investigated for at this point. Plus, broken hearts and broken friendships? Should I go back to Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

Morning Crunchwrap Feb 20