NDS Classic Show #51: How To Please A Lady

Our Show Logo with TalentOriginally posted June 2012

A crazy fun show this week!  We give a real big shout out to our favorite cheer team.  Mel & Larry defend people who are “just taking orders” Nate says something horribly inappropriate (I was being ridiculous on purpose, meter maids are NOT as bad as Nazis).  We tell you about the movie every gay dude has taken notice of…that Nate knew nothing about.

We suffer a slight computer “malfunction” mid-show & you get to hear our behind the scenes ignorance.

Plus, Nate explains how to properly seduce a lady…Mel explains Lady Business & Larry explains why dual dude stubble friction is a dangerous thing.

Show #51: How To Please A Lady

Show #588: Kanye Loves Trump

We’ve got a confirmation on Kanye, a “tiger” on the loose and buskers playing Despacito on accordions. Plus, Marilyn Haggerty is yelling at a river…and the best sex toy based on your zodiac sign. It’s a helluva show.

Show #588: Kanye Loves Trump

Show #587: The Stoned Raccoon

Jason is back this week and we discuss the weeks events plus, we find out why Jason hates GameStop, why Kareem is yelling, how a raccoon ended up baked and what’s got people upset in Speakout.

Show #587: The Stoned Raccoon

NDS Classic Show #398: “America” Sucks

Originally Uploaded May 2016

The grievances are all beverage based! Nate is pissed at InBev, Jason at Pepsi and Sam is super-pissed at a bar. Plus, we unveil a new feature, inspired by The Iron Sheik…the comedian you should be following on Twitter. Morgan Murphy

Show #398: “America” Sucks

Show #586: No White Jesus

Nate and Kareem check in with nonsense from Jim Bakker…hear Alex Jones brag about his time in High School and some Cleveland Indians fans are f’ing assholes. Plus, Prince Charles makes us aware of some Australian slang.

Show #586: No White Jesus

Show #585: Jim Crow Museum

Nate & Kareem talk about the racism that’s still all around…and a museum that reminds us of the Jim Crow era. Plus, stop peeing in Walden Pond, Kareem hates Johnny Football, and the people of Plattsburgh have some gripes in ‘Small Town News’


Show #585: Jim Crow Museum


NDS Classic Show #477: Golden Show

Originally uploaded January 2017

We’re back! Ok, 2 of us are back! We talk new allegations against Trump, a bad idea rap video and that meth is only kitty litter. Plus, news on George Michael’s doc and the return of Speakout in Small Town News.

Show #477: Golden Show

NDS Classic Show #354: Absynthe & Stolen Beer

Originally uploaded December 2015

Nate goes to his first ever Vegas show…and reviews Absynthe at Caesar’s Palace. The beer truck bandit gets stopped…by himself. Kobe announces he’s done and an Australian dude loses his man card.

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Show #354: Absynthe & Stolen Beer

NDS Classic Show #522: Wrong Way, Asshole

Originally uploaded June 2017

Jason has a fun weekend at the Black Book Fair and Nate goes to an A’s game and meets the fine folk in Salinas, CA! We talk Kathy Griffin, why you should listen to people who disagree with you and some people were going to Harvard…now they’re not. And we speculate about Kareem’s digestive tract.

Show #522: Wrong Way, Asshole

NDS Classic Show #446: Too Spent To Argue

Originally Posted September 2016

After a very energetic week of arguing with each other, the guys don’t have much energy for the grievances, but still pull some out for you. Plus, an old people traffic standoff, Lil Wayne says he’s never experienced racism and another episode of “Sex Toy News” and Speakout is back with more pointless anger.

Show #446: Too Spent To Argue