Show #391: Virtual Sex

Mic Only NDS LOGOAnother “Radio Friendly” episode! Jason has some big life events, we talk the new virtual reality sex suit and a crazy wedding for a Seahawks player. Plus, Johnny Depp is sorry, sort of, and the most Florida Man ever!

Show #391: Virtual Sex

Show #390: Radio Friendly

Mic Only NDS LOGOThe show is evolving…shorter episodes, now with NEW shows Monday, Wednesday and Friday!!! Plus, the Wednesday & Friday episodes are now “radio friendly” meaning we don’t swear…well, you don’t hear us swear. The NEW Monday episode will be full of cursing and stuff you won’t want around your kids. So everyone wins!

This episode, the Hoff can’t retire and we salute Prince!

Show #390: Radio Friendly

Classic Episode: #49: Mel’s Insides

Original Post: 5/27/2012

Mic Only NDS LOGOIt’s the holiday weekend & we record 2 nights early…Mel shares some personal info, but soldiers on.  Larry writes an article.  Nate gets angry at hobos.  Plus, a very provocative Bad Cop/Worse Cop and we learn some Korean.

Show #49: Mel’s Insides

Classic Episode: #156: Keeping It Tight

Originally Posted 12/3/2013

Mic Only NDS LOGOFirst show of December and we’ve got Diana Hong sitting in for Christiana.  We talk about taking Keeping It Tight to a whole new level, Kanye says ridiculous things and a stripper with a heart of gold (sort of).

Plus, the things women don’t know about men and a sense of superiority in Florida Corner.

Show #156: Keeping It Tight

Classic Episode: Show #222: Scare Tactics

Originally Posted on

Mic Only NDS LOGOWe discuss some epic fair food and how it got famous on Twitter. Plus, the Iron Sheik comments on the passing of James Garner and the highlight of the summer in “Small Town News.”



Show #222: Scare Tactics

Classic Episode: Show #178: Ice Fishing & Nonsense


Originally uploaded Feb 18, 2014

Comedian Kareem Daniels joins Nate, Becca & Christiana to talk football hazing, Kanye making some sense and exploring the “Hot, New Boob Trend”


Show #178: Ice Fishing & Nonsense

Show #388: Sam’s 1st Skull Ring

Mic Only NDS LOGOWe break out Wrestlemania Weekend for the first 24 minutes of the show, so skip ahead if you must…or hang in and learn something. Plus, what girls would do if they had a penis for 24 hours and what Sam, Jason & Nate would name theirs if they were inclined to do that sort of thing. And a lot of stuff found in one guy’s butt.

Show #388: Sam’s 1st Skull Ring