NDS Classic Show #18: Halloween Special

Originally uploaded October, 2011

Revisit the original cast of the show as we talk about our favorite Halloween memories, candies & more!

Featuring Nate, Mel Gelbart and Larry Glover-Meade

Show #18_ Halloween Special

Show #552: Ohio Meat Thief

Someone hooked an Amazon Echo to a Bigmouth Billy Bass and we wonder what else you could do with that fish. Plus, poor Joe Buck has had to promote some terrible shows and an Iowa man crosses an odd experience off his bucket list.

Show #552: Ohio Meat Thief

Slammin’ Show

We are joined by pro wrestler Karl Fredericks to talk a little about wrestling, and being the Internet King. Karl is more than a grappler, he hangs in and shoots on Katy Perry crashing weddings, terrible roommates and why Oklahoma is NOT OK. Give him a follow on Twitter or Instagram

Show #551: Slammin’ Show

NDS Classic Show #236: 2.5 Hosts

Originally Uploaded September 2014

Diana is working late and Kareem is running late, so Nate & Christiana start the show with a discussion of tipping low to send a message and if Scotland will indeed vote to split from the United Kingdom. Kareem joins in time to talk about the Adrian Peterson “whoopin” issue and what you can do to ruin Valentine’s Day sex.

Show #236: 2.5 Hosts

Show #550: Alex Has Questions

We got some fun audio…Alex Jones has questions for your church…Trump panders and Michelle Bachmann is back with some questionable statements. Plus, a super Florida Corner with an update on a story we brought you  in December of 2015. And Nate gives Jason some much-deserved flack for messing up in Small Town News

Show #550: Alex Has Questions

Show #549: Show of Feuds

We talk Kareem’s birthday and his inspiration message to all. Plus, a couple of bit feuds from Hollywood to Washington D.C. Plus Jim Bakker tells us about his black underwear..and a new deli in Small Town News

Show #549: Show of Feuds

NDS Classic Show #195: Beefs & Pranks

Originally Uploaded April 2014

A rap war on Instagram, a great baseball prank and Ted takes a stand on gay porn. Plus, Kate Upton’s boobs & homeless Jesus.

Show #195: Beefs & Pranks

Show #547: A Quiet Disagreement

Nate & Kareem have a quiet disagreement over whether or not Cam Newton is a sexist dick. We talk about Terry Crews’ bombshell about being groped by a Hollywood bigwig and what to do if you get a sex toy stuck in your vagina.

Show #547: A Quiet Disagreement

NDS Classic Show #277: Rub My Nub

Originally Uploaded February 2015

We talk Heather Mills’ pick-up style…whether we’d vote for 2 Chainz as mayor and why Lil Wayne just doesn’t get it. Plus, a tiger makes snowballs, Gwenyth Paltrow steams the clam and Johnny Depp has an interesting excuse for missing a press conference in Japan. Then, after a rough start, we reveal another gem from Gordie Little (with the Roots)

Show #277: Rub My Nub