WTH #753: Jason Casey Light is Terrible Beer

Jason is sick, but we still find a way to make fun of him. Nate & Kareem talk Kaepernick and the resulting twitter feud between Eric Reid and Stephen A. Smith. Nancy Pelosi is trolling Trump and mailbox down in ‘Small Town News

WTH #741: Golden Times

Nate visits Colorado and has stories from the mountain town of Golden, plus how stressful it was to get to Denver. Kareem’s Steelers lose again…and he has more excuses for it. Plus, why people in San Francisco bought boulders for their neighborhood.

Show #659: Greased Up, Angry Jason

Jason & Kareem aren’t excited about ALL NINE SEASONS of Little House on the Prairie being available on Amazon Prime.  Kareem is upset with media coverage of his beloved Steelers and Jason is upset with everything. Plus, what happens when Domino’s forgets the wings…and when the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell doesn’t have enough meat? And Holland, Vermont is no longer a “dry” town, but you still can’t buy alcohol there…an explosive Small Town News!

Show #659: Greased Up, Angry Jason