Two Weeks Away

Hey gang,

I’ve got some family stuff to take care of for the next two weeks, so we are closing down the show for a bit. I will explain the whole thing when we return with a new show on October 4th. Thanks for your patience & understanding and we’ll talk to you in two weeks.


Show #543: Your Penis Is Too Small

Jason & Kareem have a fight about bras and nipple piercings. Alex Jones thinks they’re drugging Trump and what happens when a bat is loose in an Irishman’s kitchen.

Show #543: Your Penis Is Too Small

NDS Classic Show #480: Rob Schneider Knows…

Originally uploaded January 2017

SNL goes after Trump and he strikes back…plus, both Rob Schneider AND the Governor of Maine have some advice for John Lewis. Plus, a trojan heist and the crazy is found well north of Florida.


Show #480: Rob Schneider Knows…

Show #542: Rubbin’ At Cheddars

Back to school shopping gets rough and brings up memories for Jason, Leslie & Nate. We wonder if working harder is the right way to go, talk cunnilingus at the beach and there is a wondrous occasion in Ticonderoga, New York. Plus, there are grievances that need some airing.

Show #542: Rubbin’ At Cheddars

Show #541: Dick, The Waiter

Kareem is taking care of business, so Mrs. Darling sits in with Nate & Jason to talk about the birthday trip to ‘The Kitchen’…plus, the Nature Boy is recovering, someone is cursing the Lakers because of NAS…and the struggle is real in Plattsburgh, New York.

Show #541: Dick, The Waiter

NDS Classic Show #102: Beef Jerky All Around

Originally Uploaded May 2013

With Ted & Becca away, Nick & Micaela Pettigrew join the show this week.  We talk about the upcoming ‘Critical Hit’ show at the Sacramento Comedy Spot.  The celebration of International Clitoris Awareness Week…the “celebrity” who’s renounced his gayness and “science” class in South Carolina are discussed.

Also, BART ditches pee, a gym ditches Amanda Bynes and Kim Kardiashian squeals like a pig.  And we get down and dirty for Mud Season in Small Town News.

Show #102: Beef Jerky All Around