Classic Episode: Show #65: Your Sock is Dead

Mic Only NDS LOGO UncensoredOriginal Upload Sept. 25, 2012

The gang is back together….Larry has the “best burger ever” Mel is the Hidden Jew and Nate goes to Montreal.

Plus, Escobar, Hilton & McClatchy in ‘Gay Corner’

Show #65: Your Sock is Dead


Classic Episode: Show #159: Clam Jousting

Mic Only NDS LOGOOriginally Posted December 2013

With Diana & Nate under the weather, please enjoy this classic episode.

Diana Hong joins Nate, Ted & Christiana as we explore the world of “Clam Jousting”…the Governor of Maine comes up with a bright side to global warming…and Angry, Drunk Roseanne.

Also, why it’s so hard to be a lesbian, a door on fire and Nate yells at Jenny McCarthy and Oprah.

Show #159: Clam Jousting