WTH #776: 3 Men & A Baby

Have you ever considered doing a podcast with a baby in the studio with you? We made that happen, and it went pretty well. We talked Trump’s appearance at the Daytona 500, Bloomberg’s political ads and Rush Limbaugh makes an ass of himself. Plus, what players are saying about the Astros and their cheating, a bonus Florida Corner and a really quick Small Town News.

WTH #775: Politics, Johnny & Amber

The pros and cons of “Bernie Bros” and a spirited discussion of people who pout instead of voting. Plus, why Kareem despises Rush Limbaugh…the crazy relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard…and where we are in the Snoop v. Gayle King uproar.

WTH #774: Back To Our Roots

The WTH Podcast is going back to our roots. Why we decided to go back to only one episode per week. Nate gets angry about the Super Bowl and Jason’s guests. Plus, we talk a little politics. And one Florida man and his golf cart inspires our admiration.

WTH #685: Lot Lizard?

The minor league baseball team in Fresno, CA apologizes to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Some 14 year-olds are in big trouble after a pretty gross “prank” and Nate reveals what you must do BEFORE making any big decision.

NDS Classic Show #367: Adventures in Babysitting

Originally uploaded January 2016

Nate recounts his first ever experience in babysitting…an odd form of payment at McDonalds…a Fox News guy threatens to leave the country and a Canadian dude steals more than $1500 worth of gum. Plus, an old book is back on the shelves, a shark is in a swimming pool and what’s going on with the snowy sidewalks of Plattsburgh?

Show #367: Adventures in Babysitting

NDS Classic Show #309: Fire Ants In Pants

Originally uploaded June 2015

Ever wonder what it would sound like if a Thai guy had fire ants dumped into his underwear?  Find out in this awesome episode. Plus, the REAL cause of the drought in California and a Miss Piggy wins an award.

Show #309: Fire Ants In Pants

Classic Episode: Show #460: NOT Standing For It

Originally Uploaded October, 2016

cropped-Mic-Only-NDS-LOGO.jpg2 grown men cry about the election, from different sides…Kaepernick is still a terrible QB and we learn a DIY lesson in Florida Corner.




Show #460: NOT Standing For It

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Classic Episode: Show #333: Sleep Peeing

Mic Only NDS LOGONate is on a Honeymoon Break, new shows return 12/14.

Kareem, Sam & Nate in a very manly episode…how Juke Joint Fridays went, Sam is finally moving out and Nate has a scare about losing his cat Ace. Plus, debate break-down, foot sniffers and public peeing by both a man and a lady.

Show #333: Sleep Peeing


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