Show #591: My Hometown

SPOILER ALERT: We are talking about ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ so if you don’t want spoilers, speed ahead to 33:40 into the show. Plus, why is Joe Piscopo trending? And Small Town News is from Nate’s hometown…and it’s not pretty.

Show #591: My Hometown

NDS Classic Show #388: Sam’s 1st Skull Ring

Originally uploaded April 2016

We break out Wrestlemania Weekend for the first 24 minutes of the show, so skip ahead if you must…or hang in and learn something. Plus, what girls would do if they had a penis for 24 hours and what Sam, Jason & Nate would name theirs if they were inclined to do that sort of thing. And a lot of stuff found in one guy’s butt.

Show #388: Sam’s 1st Skull Ring

NDS Classic Show #51: How To Please A Lady

Our Show Logo with TalentOriginally posted June 2012

A crazy fun show this week!  We give a real big shout out to our favorite cheer team.  Mel & Larry defend people who are “just taking orders” Nate says something horribly inappropriate (I was being ridiculous on purpose, meter maids are NOT as bad as Nazis).  We tell you about the movie every gay dude has taken notice of…that Nate knew nothing about.

We suffer a slight computer “malfunction” mid-show & you get to hear our behind the scenes ignorance.

Plus, Nate explains how to properly seduce a lady…Mel explains Lady Business & Larry explains why dual dude stubble friction is a dangerous thing.

Show #51: How To Please A Lady

NDS Classic Show #136: Buttwater & Haters

Originally uploaded September 2013

Hear Ted & Becca’s tale of an exciting rafting trip on the American River, plus Nate & Christiana see the same movie…what they both thought of “The World’s End”

Then find out the one person Andy Cohen never wants to see again, Dita Von Teese’s secrets to seduction and a man in Florida with a very unique “talent”

Plus, find out why haters gonna hate.

Show #136: Buttwater & Haters

NDS Classic Show #489: Whoopin’ Jason

From February 2017

How we all spent Super Bowl Sunday…Nate & Kareem give Jason the business for not supporting Oak Park art and not inviting Nate to his Super Bowl Party.  Plus, we meet the ‘Cookie Man’ …and the most Vermont thing ever in ‘Small Town News’

Show #489: Whoopin’ Jason

NDS Classic Show #182: White Homo

From March 2014

We break down the Oscars, give some advice to Paula Deen & break down the dangerous threat in the neighborhood.


Show #182: White Homo

Show #565: Happy 2018

We’ve got real…and fake resolutions for the New Year…and try to figure out which is which. Plus, our predictions are a little crazy…we got a strip club fire, drag queens at the library and a little Alex Jones. Happy New Year, everyone!

Show #565: Happy 2018

Show #561: Kareem’s Dream

We’re back and Jason had a great birthday, Kareem had a dream and Nate was too sick to see the Foo Fighters. We talk about Detroit screwing up an implosion, Billy Bush’s return to the public eye and virtue signaling. Plus, what’s going on with the boy who was bullied, but then we find out his mom may be “very southern” and how that got Jason into a bit of trouble.

Show #561: Kareem’s Dream