Morning Crunchwrap 02/26/19

President Trump’s former lawyer is testifying this week, to closed sessions today and Thursday…and an open one on Wednesday. The accusations he’s planning to level and the reaction from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Why you should make time and watch for yourself.

Morning Crunchwrap Feb 26

NDS Classic Show #603: Trump Baby Balloon

Originally uploaded July 2018

Nate & Kareem carry on without Jason (who is travelling)…we wonder why 8 members of Congress spent the 4th of July in Moscow…What’s up with the Sacramento Kings…and we explore a bunch of racists who were outed on social media. Plus, it’s back…Speakout on Small Town News.

Show #603: Trump Baby Balloon

NDS Classic Show #463: Check Your Panties

Originally Uploaded November 2016

The weekend is coming and so is Nate’s bachelor party. We check out a news blooper, why Richard Branson isn’t a fan of Donald Trump and a guy throws his glass eyeball in Florida Corner.

Show #463: Check Your Panties

Show #633: Sex For Salad

A man is busted on a sex for salad beef and we’ve got an issue with it. Plus, we’ve got a bit of an election wrap-up including Cranky Trump. Also, the Breaking Bad movie, a drunk baggage handler and what YOUR state is googling about Thanksgiving.

Show #633: Sex For Salad

Show #631: I’m NOT Your Puppet

Alec Baldwin was bad, allegedly…a cheerleader takes a knee and we discuss ‘Patriot Act’ with Hasan Minhaj on Netflix. Plus, we have grievances to air..our roundup of racist Halloween costumes and people in Plattsburgh are mad that a shooting range is a loud neighbor.

Show #631: I’m NOT Your Puppet

Show #629: Suck A Pink Udder

After a week away due to illness, the boys are back…Jason is happy and boring, Nate made some beer and Kareem got some stuff done. Plus, Shep Smith speaks the truth, what we know about the alleged MAGA Bomber and Billy on the Street is PISSED!.

Show #629: Suck A Pink Udder

NDS Classic Show #356: The Married Jason

Originally uploaded December 2015

Jason returns to us as a married man. We talk about why his honeymoon was chronicled on social media…and Nate’s trip to Vermont. Plus, what the Trumpster has been up to, a Nevada nutjob and so much Florida Corner, we made it bigger…and a bonus Small Town Commercial.


Show #356: The Married Jason

Show #490: Angry Yoga & Haters

Originally Uploaded February 2017

The boys explore the benefits of Angry Yoga…plus, a new dating app…Ivanka gets dumped and a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day!

Show #490: Angry Yoga & Haters

Show #623: They’re Laughing At US

We call a still sick Jason…Kawhi Leonard’s laugh has Twitter talking…and the world laughed in Donald Trump’s face. Plus, is Bret Kavanaugh just and old school INCEL? Does Beyonce practice black magic? And we talk about healthcare and why you’re buying a bunch of bullshit.

Show #623: They’re Laughing At US

NDS Classic Show #576: Ambassador Nate

Originally uploaded February 2018

We have a challenge that could give you…and us great new diplomatic positions. Plus, we unveil a new segment…and the a Capella version of “Dildo” in Sex Toy News.

Show #576: Ambassador Nate