WTH #672: #DerangedDonald

No co-hosts, What the Hell? Jason just became a father for the 2nd time and Kareem had issues and cross-country travel, so Nate flies solo for you! We talk a bit about losing John Singleton and how to recognize the signs someone is having a stroke, plus Trump gets his own unflattering nickname and it’s impossible and it’s coming soon to wherever you live.

WTH #667: Time To Sit, Time To Suck It

New name, same great show? There are some changes…but our essence remains.  Trump visits Mt. Vernon and wonders why George Washington was such a loser. Plus, nudity, karate and a shoplifting dog in one Wisconsin Walmart. Please give us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

WTH #667: Time To Sit, Time To Suck It

Show #666: The Devil Made Me Do It

This show carries the mark of the beast…and the devil was certainly in the details…like hitting record. Nate sees some DC Movies, GOT is back, Tiger is getting a medal, so now Kareem is out on Tiger…and Mayor Pete officially enters the 2020 Presidential race…and Kareem is out on him too. Is Kareem just fickle?

Show #666: The Devil Made Me Do It

NDS Classic Show #470: Loser’s Parade

Originally uploaded November 2016

Mic Only NDS LOGO Uncensored Kareem hates the white working class and Nate really isn’t that mad about anything. Plus, a parade for a “perfect” season in Cleveland and what we’re thankful for…and Nate invites all of you to the wedding.

Show #470: Loser’s Parade

Morning Crunchwrap 02/26/19

President Trump’s former lawyer is testifying this week, to closed sessions today and Thursday…and an open one on Wednesday. The accusations he’s planning to level and the reaction from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Why you should make time and watch for yourself.

Morning Crunchwrap Feb 26

NDS Classic Show #603: Trump Baby Balloon

Originally uploaded July 2018

Nate & Kareem carry on without Jason (who is travelling)…we wonder why 8 members of Congress spent the 4th of July in Moscow…What’s up with the Sacramento Kings…and we explore a bunch of racists who were outed on social media. Plus, it’s back…Speakout on Small Town News.

Show #603: Trump Baby Balloon