Show #68: 3 to Go

Not one but 2 major announcements about the show to lead things off. Don’t worry, the show will still be here every week.

Larry is stuck at work, so Chris Crotty from ComedySportz Sacramento sits in. We talk unarrestable republicans, nut punchers, nut slappers and how Mel made a scene at a friends wedding.
Not only that…but we pitch a new TV sitcom and have the quickest round of ‘Cool or Tool’ ever.

Show #68: 3 To Go

courtesy KTLA

Show #61: Boobs!

Mel is missing her first show since joining the cast and our friend, and fellow ‘In Your Facebook’ castmate, Christiana Dominguez joins Nate & Larry to talk about boobs in public, crazy Congressmen and creeps Larry out with discussion of where babies come from.  Plus, there is a ton of bonus stuff since we went almost 90 minutes!  You’re welcome!


Show #61: Boobs!

Official Portrait…who thought this was a great look?