WTH #746: Grandma’s Drawers

Nate has beef with the WWE Draft, Kareem has beef with a podcast & Jason has beef with traffic. Plus, we talk the Autoblow, Grandma’s Drawers and Grandpa’s new chair. And, is there a new favorite apple in town? Small Town News sort of has the answer.

WTH #735: Showtime at the Hoochie Cooch

A new vagina museum is opening, and the news brings Nate down a rabbit hole back to his hometown! Plus, Kareem won’t face facts about his Steelers. White privilege is on full display in South Carolina and why your love letters should just be digital.

WTH #731: Camel Toe & BBQ Fish

We look at camel toe underwear. Call out the lawyers who played both sides of the #MeToo movement, and hear from the vegan who hates her BBQing neighbors. Plus, why Nate thinks they might be terrible people after all.