Classic Episode: Show #50: Pride, Crime & Becoming A Woman

Due to a family medical issue, we were unable to record new shows this week.  Please enjoy this classic episode.

An intense show and only 2 of us make it all the way to the end!  Larry recaps Sacramento Pride, Mel has a nice, romantic weekend & Nate finally gets a ball.

Plus, a rash of horrible crimes…a shoplifter who’s large and in charge and a repeat offender in Small Town News.

Show #50: Pride, Crime & Becoming A Woman

Show #265: Boxing Day

Mic Only NDS LOGOIt’s the day after Christmas and all through the podcast…fun, frivolity and nonsense abound as Kareem & Nate talk about live tweeting a rooftop breakup, Casey Kasem’s final resting place and the show replacing the Colbert Report.

Plus, possibly the greatest character ever in Florida Corner!

Show #265: Boxing Day