Classic Show #235: Kareem’s Python

Busy Week, so enjoy this classic show from last September

Nate, Diana & Kareem wonder “How gay IS Rick Perry?” Plus, 20 rules for living in society…the bad plan one man had to get a lady’s attention and the unusual pets that Kareem & Diana have had at one point or another.

Show #235: Kareem’s Python

Show #105: Revealing Dark Underwear

NDS LogoTed & Becca talk about their fancy pants cruise…Nate rides BART and sees something he cannot unsee.  Plus, Joe Francis could be going to jail…Rick Perry is an Eagle Scout…and Christiana takes the New York Times to task.

Also, a flap for Virgin Train over uniforms…how one man used cat food to steal computers and the poor fellow with a 134 lb scrotum.

Show #105: Revealing Dark Underwear