NDS Classic Show #466: Ear Biting

Originally uploaded November 2016

Sometimes themes reveal themselves…this is one of those times. Plus, Vanity Vegans…a mom attacks a school bus driver (in Ohio) and simple rules for dating Obama’s daughters. And, as always, a fantastic Florida Corner!

Show #466: Ear Biting

NDS Classic Show #477: Golden Show

Originally uploaded January 2017

We’re back! Ok, 2 of us are back! We talk new allegations against Trump, a bad idea rap video and that meth is only kitty litter. Plus, news on George Michael’s doc and the return of Speakout in Small Town News.

Show #477: Golden Show

NDS Classic Show #489: Whoopin’ Jason

From February 2017

How we all spent Super Bowl Sunday…Nate & Kareem give Jason the business for not supporting Oak Park art and not inviting Nate to his Super Bowl Party.  Plus, we meet the ‘Cookie Man’ …and the most Vermont thing ever in ‘Small Town News’

Show #489: Whoopin’ Jason

NDS Classic Show #405: Rush Limbaugh Style

Originally Uploaded May 2016

With Kareem out of town, Jason stuck at work and Sam forgetting what day it is, Nate decides to Rush Limbaugh the show and do it solo. He discusses a trip to Redding and Burney Falls…what women discuss when they get a little older and plays ‘Cool or Tool’ by himself. Jason arrives and they talk about how Millenials are getting a bad rap.

Show #405: Rush Limbaugh Style

NDS Classic Show #487: Mad At Ibiza

Originally uploaded February 2017

We make predictions on “The BIG GAME” …find a principal who is no pal and some shenanigans from “the Florida of the North”…some nasty characters from actual Florida and why Nate is mad at Ibiza.

Show #487: Mad At Ibiza

Show #546: Stupid Jim Bakker

We’ve got a couple making sex tapes at Burger King, Jim Bakker doesn’t like being laughed at…which is too bad, and what’s the worst thing a burglar can do in your house?

Show #546: Stupid Jim Bakker

NDS Classic Show #480: Rob Schneider Knows…

Originally uploaded January 2017

SNL goes after Trump and he strikes back…plus, both Rob Schneider AND the Governor of Maine have some advice for John Lewis. Plus, a trojan heist and the crazy is found well north of Florida.


Show #480: Rob Schneider Knows…

NDS Classic Show #505: Houston We Have An Idiot

Originally Posted April,2017

We uncover a man who loses a bet with a stupid payoff…explain why a longer barrel might’ve been a better choice and a Florida Man discovers another reason burning books is bad.

Show #505: Houston We Have An Idiot

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NDS Classic Show #408: Salute to Ali

Originally Uploaded June, 2016

Kareem returns…we salute Muhammad Ali with some of his trash talking, a George Carlin routine that addresses his treatment by the government and how he’s different than today’s athlete. Plus, an unusual competition…a passive-aggressive Spanish town and there’s no smoking at the drive-in!

Show #408: Salute to Ali

NDS Classic Show #403: Fog Vodka & Porn Fitness

Originally uploaded May 2016

What do you do if a big cat naps on your front porch…how PornHub is trying to keep you in shape and a lady gets her ticket punched (so to speak) at the Gun Show. Plus, a vodka made from fog and some gun play in Florida Corner.

Show #403: Fog Vodka & Porn Fitness