Show #626: The New Drummer

Nate reveals a crazy dream, Jason and Kareem analyze its hidden meaning and possible source. Elon Musk is filtering Flint’s water and there are lots of new words in the Oxford English Dictionary…including AssClown. Plus, we explain why the Irish are dicks!

Show #626: The New Drummer

NDS Classic Show #89: The ‘Loin

Nate Darling Show LogoOriginally uploaded March 2013

We launch our first Friday show ever…there will be 2 shows a week (Wed & Fri) from now on.

Are babies evil?  Is it ok to use a burrito as a weapon?  And what exactly is a “dirty chisler”  Plus, the new scam that’s leaving men with their pants down.

In our new segment “Good, Bad & God-Awful”…we advise Chris Brown, Taylor Swift and John Oliver.  What it’s like being a social worker in one of San Francisco’s neighborhoods…and Christiana’s story of living in ‘the Loin’

Show 89 The Loin

NDS Classic Show #215: Kanye-Fidence

Mic Only NDS LOGOOriginally Uploaded June 2014

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone do something cool, crazy things happen in China and a mayor reads some tweets.  Plus, we give everyone a dose of Kanye-fidence.

Show #215: Kanye-Fidence

NDS Classic Show #350: Bye Single Jason


Originally Uploaded November 2015

We mark the final podcast with a single Jason Casey before he head off to marry his lovely fiance. Diana can only stay for a bit as she’s got to work early…but we discuss dropping a digit and how to slip in a thumb.  Also, we meet David Hoff…reveal the most pretentious cities and explore what happens when a driverless car gets pulled over.

Show #350: Bye Single Jason

NDS Classic Show #415: Vegas Walk

Mic Only NDS LOGOOriginally uploaded June 2016

Ever wonder what soccer put to the voice of a wrestling announcer would sound like? Wonder no more…plus, Vin Scully has feelings on socialism he wanted to share during a baseball game and Nate goes to Vegas on a work trip, has a big night and makes a bold statement.

Show #415: Vegas Walk

Show #624: Coat Him in VapoRub

Nate and Kareem soldier on without Jason, PayPal cuts off InfoWars, Greg Popovich explains why we need to talk about White Privilege and Chevy Chase burns bridges. Plus, when a selfie is the last thing you do…why Bruno Mars led to a pistol whipping and what happens when a white woman steals an ambulance in Oregon?

Show #624: Coat Him in VapoRub

Show #623: They’re Laughing At US

We call a still sick Jason…Kawhi Leonard’s laugh has Twitter talking…and the world laughed in Donald Trump’s face. Plus, is Bret Kavanaugh just and old school INCEL? Does Beyonce practice black magic? And we talk about healthcare and why you’re buying a bunch of bullshit.

Show #623: They’re Laughing At US

NDS Classic Show #576: Ambassador Nate

Originally uploaded February 2018

We have a challenge that could give you…and us great new diplomatic positions. Plus, we unveil a new segment…and the a Capella version of “Dildo” in Sex Toy News.

Show #576: Ambassador Nate

Show #622: Quit Huffing Paint

It’s never good to be a “well-known paint huffer” no matter how small your town is…Berkeley is going vegan and the “Vampire Facial” isn’t really safe. Plus, who’s looking for vibrators, Ric Flair goes for a 5th and thoughts about people who have Samurai swords who aren’t samurais.

Show #622: Quit Huffing Paint

Show #621: Trump’s Penis

Stormy Daniels drops a bombshell about Trump’s penis and “Yeti Pubes”…Eminem drops a diss track on MGK and a Kentucky woman makes a mess. Plus, we call Jason about an attempted monkey theft and there’s a “new” sex position sweeping the nation.

Show #621: Trump’s Penis