NDS Classic Show #91: Meditation Chatterbox

Originally uploaded March 2013

Hey, Good Friday Everybody!  On this episode, Ted gets in a Fender Bender, Christiana gives Tina Fey too much credit and Nate dodges furniture on the freeway.  Plus, Becca’s “silent retreat” isn’t what she bargained for, why she needed a retreat from the retreat.

We’ve got penis news, from big to small and Rush Limbaugh has some opinions about Beyonce and how chickens might be turning your kids gay!

Show #91: Meditation Chatterbox

NDS Classic Show #93: Oh Georgia…

Originally uploaded April 2013

In this episode, we talk Justin Bieber’s monkey…the stolen script and a crazy Ford ad from India featuring Paris Hilton & the Kardashians.

Plus, a look at the violence that penis art can cause, what would drive Becca and Christiana to punch someone and more on Jon Hamm’s new offer.  Also, the head of Georgia’s Republican party says some things that demonstrate that she hasn’t spent much time on the

Show #93: Oh Georgia…

Show #388: Sam’s 1st Skull Ring

Mic Only NDS LOGOWe break out Wrestlemania Weekend for the first 24 minutes of the show, so skip ahead if you must…or hang in and learn something. Plus, what girls would do if they had a penis for 24 hours and what Sam, Jason & Nate would name theirs if they were inclined to do that sort of thing. And a lot of stuff found in one guy’s butt.

Show #388: Sam’s 1st Skull Ring

Show #324: Helluva Plan

Mic Only NDS LOGODiana, Kareem & Nate talk weekend plans, Cities to Avoid and Jon Stewart’s departure from the Daily Show. Plus, Kareem refuses to look at Lenny Kravitz’ dong and Small Town News that you can be a part of…if you’re in Maine.

And the craziest plan to cover up an affair from a Michigan Tea Party member.

Show #324: Helluva Plan

Show #283: Diana Rejects Diana

Mic Only NDS LOGOOn the Friday episode we ask “Was Jesus a Ginger?” find out the REAL reason that you don’t go to bed angry and how porn can save the news industry.

Plus, Diana says no to herself and we come up with a great idea for a road trip with her and the “Real Housewives of Rio Linda.

Show #283: Diana Rejects Diana