WTH #677: Time To Disown

A mom throws out her 33 year old son. What he did to get back at her brings Kareem to only one conclusion. We find out what happens when Philly’s Finest head south and Marilyn goes back to the Olive Garden in ‘Small Town News’

Show #675: Angry Nude Lady

Kareem returns with stories from his trip to North Carolina. The XFL has a TV deal. Can Prince Harry & Meghan raise their new baby black? Plus, Michael Johnson’s stroke, racists can’t spell very well and more nonsense from Plattsburgh, New York in “Small Town News”

Morning Crunchwrap 05/06/19

The XFL is coming back and it’s got some MAJOR broadcast/cable partners in ABC/ESPN and FOX/FS1 & FS2. The league makes a comeback next February and will be available on some of the biggest names in sports. Should we think it is a good thing, and why I have a soft spot in my heart for the old XFL