Show #664: Waiting in the Rain

Your unwanted recap of Wrestlemania 35 and why thousands got stranded after the event in the rain. Plus, slavery discussions in Vermont, fake police reports and Marilyn writes another letter in ‘Small Town News’

Show #664: Waiting in the Rain

Show #662: I’m A Snowflake

We talk National Security concerns, the murder of Nipsy Hustle and our various grievances. Plus, a WWE concert of sorts and Marilyn visits a pizza joint for a sandwich in ‘Small Town News’

Show #662: I’m A Snowflake

NDS Classic Show #215: Kanye-Fidence

Mic Only NDS LOGOOriginally Uploaded June 2014

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone do something cool, crazy things happen in China and a mayor reads some tweets.  Plus, we give everyone a dose of Kanye-fidence.

Show #215: Kanye-Fidence

NDS Classic Show #415: Vegas Walk

Mic Only NDS LOGOOriginally uploaded June 2016

Ever wonder what soccer put to the voice of a wrestling announcer would sound like? Wonder no more…plus, Vin Scully has feelings on socialism he wanted to share during a baseball game and Nate goes to Vegas on a work trip, has a big night and makes a bold statement.

Show #415: Vegas Walk

NDS Classic Show #385: F-Marry-Kill

Originally Uploaded March 2016

The centerpiece of this episode is a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill using trios put together by Will we be on the same page? More important…why are we making these super important, yet hypothetical, life choices. Plus, some life advice for Justin Bieber.

Show #385: F-Marry-Kill

NDS Classic Show #378: Mel, Stolen Busses & Baltimore

Originally uploaded March 2016

Original show host Mel Gelbart joins Nate & Kareem to talk relationships, why being late sucks and our favorite regional dialects. Plus, the battle for Kylie, an angry Florida lady and a big record broken in Small Town News

Show #378: Mel, Stolen Busses & Baltimore