Show #659: Greased Up, Angry Jason

Jason & Kareem aren’t excited about ALL NINE SEASONS of Little House on the Prairie being available on Amazon Prime.  Kareem is upset with media coverage of his beloved Steelers and Jason is upset with everything. Plus, what happens when Domino’s forgets the wings…and when the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell doesn’t have enough meat? And Holland, Vermont is no longer a “dry” town, but you still can’t buy alcohol there…an explosive Small Town News!

Show #659: Greased Up, Angry Jason

Show #625: I Understand

After a week away, we have stories…Jason’s illness, Kareem’s photo project and Nate’s trip to Vermont. Plus, we talk Kanye on SNL and break down what the hell happened at UFC 229, from how Joe Rogan handled a challenging interview…to the nonsense after the main event. And we make Kareem defend a Steeler’s TD celebration.


Show #625: I Understand

Show #610: NOT Lovin’ It

On today’s show, we talk about the new nap store in NYC, settle the chicken wing debate and find out why a nude dude was doing jumping jacks in the ladies room at McDonalds. Plus, the best name ever for a “massage therapist” in Florida Corner

Show #610: NOT Lovin’ It


NDS Classic Show #489: Whoopin’ Jason

From February 2017

How we all spent Super Bowl Sunday…Nate & Kareem give Jason the business for not supporting Oak Park art and not inviting Nate to his Super Bowl Party.  Plus, we meet the ‘Cookie Man’ …and the most Vermont thing ever in ‘Small Town News’

Show #489: Whoopin’ Jason

NDS Classic Show #368: Pink Lady & Pussy Scarf

From January 2016

The boys get together to talk reading directions, pussy as art and Sam has a frustrating time attempting to watch “the X-Files” Plus, Trump’s promises…Carly steals children and what we think about Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna.

Show #368: Pink Lady & Pussy Scarf

Show #568: The Least Racist

Kareem laments the Steelers’ loss, Jason is still hosting the in-laws and Nate makes a discovery on how to really live. Plus, we break down the shitshow at the White House, talk allegations against Aziz Ansari and what that could mean for the #MeToo movement. And of course, there are issues in Plattsburgh…Speakout in ‘Small Town News’

Show #568: The Least Racist

NDS Classic Show #487: Mad At Ibiza

Originally uploaded February 2017

We make predictions on “The BIG GAME” …find a principal who is no pal and some shenanigans from “the Florida of the North”…some nasty characters from actual Florida and why Nate is mad at Ibiza.

Show #487: Mad At Ibiza

NDS Classic Show #236: 2.5 Hosts

Originally Uploaded September 2014

Diana is working late and Kareem is running late, so Nate & Christiana start the show with a discussion of tipping low to send a message and if Scotland will indeed vote to split from the United Kingdom. Kareem joins in time to talk about the Adrian Peterson “whoopin” issue and what you can do to ruin Valentine’s Day sex.

Show #236: 2.5 Hosts