Classic Episode: Show #188: Not Vogue!

Mic Only NDS LOGONate is on a Honeymoon Break, new shows return 12/14.

We talk about the outrage of putting Kim & Kanye on the cover of Vogue, what Nate would do if he were a lady and when it’s OK for teachers to have sex in a classroom.


Show #188: Not Vogue!


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Show #241: Jesus in the Tree

Mic Only NDS LOGOWith Christiana still dealing with work-type things and Kareem battling his lunch, Nate & Diana are again joined by Sam Platz & Alejandro Padilla. We chat about penis size and satisfaction, get a visit from Kim K’s vagina and look for Jesus in a tree. Plus a newly dubbed euphemism for masturbation.

Show #241: Jesus in the Tree