WTH #791: Ted Cruzing for a Bruising

Nate & Kareem are back at Darling New Media, while Jason joins from home to talk about Ron Perlman’s twitter feud with Matt Gaetz and how Ted Cruz jumped in for no reason. Plus, This Week in Karens highlights a Karen that drives to the police station and the black woman who’s had enough of her shit. Plus, some good news on Gay Rights and a security guard is getting rewarded for patience and professionalism.

WTH #788: Why, Karen?

Kareem is watching old TV shows, Jason is bummed about relatives and Nate is upset about masks and the people who refuse to wear them. We break out some “Karen” news of the week, find out how much someone is paying Larry King to do a podcast and Marilyn Haggerty gets cross with the President.

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