NDS Classic Show #398: “America” Sucks

Originally Uploaded May 2016

The grievances are all beverage based! Nate is pissed at InBev, Jason at Pepsi and Sam is super-pissed at a bar. Plus, we unveil a new feature, inspired by The Iron Sheik…the comedian you should be following on Twitter. Morgan Murphy

Show #398: “America” Sucks

Classic Episode: Show #222: Scare Tactics

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Mic Only NDS LOGOWe discuss some epic fair food and how it got famous on Twitter. Plus, the Iron Sheik comments on the passing of James Garner and the highlight of the summer in “Small Town News.”



Show #222: Scare Tactics

Show #381: Trump, Kanye or the Iron Sheik

Mic Only NDS LOGOWe introduce the new game “Trump, Kanye or the Iron Sheik” Peyton Manning retires and Sam gives us a lesson in grooming to avoid itchy hangers on. Plus, was Bernie being sexist (no) and a Seattle Seahawks star makes an appearance in ‘Black Guy News’

Show #381: Trump, Kanye or the Iron Sheik