WTH #805: WTH Podcast is Swell

We wait out the Presidential Debate to start the episode. Our show is on the Swell App and we answer some Swell questions, plus a fresh debate breakdown. A fiery pussy update and an upbeat ending in Small Town News. We stream live on most Mondays at 7:30pm PT. Audio available wherever you get podcasts on Wednesday.

Find us on Swell @WTHPodcast

Show #90: Planes, Donuts & Kardashians

NDS LogoWe welcome back Zack Wandell from the Donut Dash to talk about how many people dashed, how much money was raised, what you can still do to help a great program and exactly when the run is next year.  Plus, his very intense tale of small aircraft trouble.

Once we’re done being good people, we chat about the smell contest the Kardashian sisters had ON TV, why yoga pants are awesome and terrible, depending on your perspective and the man who keeps stealing ice cream from churches.  Plus, an unconventional canoe ride in Small Town News.

Show #90: Plane’s, Donuts & Kardashians