NDS Classic Show #166: All-American New Year

Originally Uploaded January 2014

We’re back with our first show recorded in 2014! Nate’s travel tales, Ted’s birthday celebration and what we learned from FOX NEWS on NYE.

Plus, a new movie about boobs that splits our ladies…geek v. nerd and some fun passive-aggressive notes to neighbors.

Show #166: All-American New Year

Show #596: Drake Diss Track

Pusha T responds to Drake…and we’re all over it. We’ve got a double dose of Florida Corner…including old raisin balls, Hulk Hogan thinking his “friend” Bam Margera was dead, a man trying to shoot down a drone and a homeless guy stealing a cop car. Plus, we unveil “Assclown Roundup”

Show #596: Drake Diss Track

Show #592: In Your Poop Corner

Jason reveals the secrets of the Poop Corner…Kareem gets transported back to North Carolina in a tale of lottery, helicopters and neighbors who knew something bad was about to happen. Plus, the automotive edition of Sex Toy News and Nate gives Plattsburgh, NY a new, proper nickname.

Show #592: In Your Poop Corner

Show #588: Kanye Loves Trump

We’ve got a confirmation on Kanye, a “tiger” on the loose and buskers playing Despacito on accordions. Plus, Marilyn Haggerty is yelling at a river…and the best sex toy based on your zodiac sign. It’s a helluva show.

Show #588: Kanye Loves Trump

Show #587: The Stoned Raccoon

Jason is back this week and we discuss the weeks events plus, we find out why Jason hates GameStop, why Kareem is yelling, how a raccoon ended up baked and what’s got people upset in Speakout.

Show #587: The Stoned Raccoon

NDS Classic Show #404: Beer + Eagle

From May 2016

We explain the difference between Memorial Day (which is today) and Veterans Day (which is Nov. 11) so you can explain it to your moron friends. Plus, the airing of the grievances…what’s pissing us off this week…and a very pointed threat in Ohio and how some Canadians are acting VERY American. Hide the kids, this is the uncensored Monday show!

Show #404: Beer + Eagle

NDS Classic Show #367: Adventures in Babysitting

Originally uploaded January 2016

Nate recounts his first ever experience in babysitting…an odd form of payment at McDonalds…a Fox News guy threatens to leave the country and a Canadian dude steals more than $1500 worth of gum. Plus, an old book is back on the shelves, a shark is in a swimming pool and what’s going on with the snowy sidewalks of Plattsburgh?

Show #367: Adventures in Babysitting

NDS Classic Show #128: Oprah, the Beard & Leathers

NDS LogoOriginally uploaded August 2013

Ted goes to Vegas, Christiana goes to the beach and Nate gets a massage.  Plus, Sydney Leathers does the rubbing herself…Oprah responds to the n-word and the beard finds a new home.

We also explore when honesty isn’t the best policy and the latest viral ad.

Show #128: Oprah, the Beard & Leathers


Show #553: White on White

We’re back…the health issues that kept us away last week…and what’s been going on in America the past couple of weeks. Plus, Obama gets jury duty, a dude in Montreal gets a ticket for C & C Music Factory and hard times about in Speakout in ‘Small Town News’

Show #553: White on White

NDS Classic Show #191: Gonna Fight Todd

Originally Uploaded April, 2014

Nate runs a 5k at Angel Stadium, then later that night, witnesses a great example of guys being guys. Two actresses push to be on HBO’s “True Detective” and some Secret Service guys get sent home early.

Plus, a term that shouldn’t ever be used, OK Cupid takes a stand and why an Alabama man was arrested for climbing a tree.

Show #191: Gonna Fight Todd