Show #291: We’re With DMX

Mic Only NDS LOGOWe begin the show with a salute to Ben & Jerry’s and their stance on gay rights. Plus, how many people got arrested for a hoops loss, some masturbation facts and a debate about Bruce Jenner’s upcoming interview. And DMX is accused of a crime, but we smell a rat and we’re on DMX’s side!

Show #291: We’re With DMX

Show #196: Late Night Ice Cream War

Mic Only NDS LOGOwelcome Sean Greenwood from Ben & Jerry’s to talk ice cream and find out what will become of Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night Snack” and Stephen Colbert’s “Americone Dream” with the recent shuffling of Late Night TV.

Plus, our Easters, a bad Easter and some news to make you feel good about your fellow man…or WO-man.

Show #196: Late Night Ice Cream War

Show #180: Muffin Scufflin’

Mic Only NDS LOGOLast week of February and we discuss the free market, sexy underwear and Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavors.

Show #180: Muffin Scufflin’

Show #104: We All Scream

NDS LogoTed & Becca return: we have news on a cancelled improv show…plus how one reporter talked to Matthew Perry about his show getting cancelled.  We talk about Abercrombie’s “No Fat Chicks” policy and the weirdness of the man who runs it.

Then we are joined by Sean Greenwood from Ben & Jerry’s.  Find out how much of an impression their ice cream has made on Becca, his recent encounter with a former President while visiting a talk show host and yes, there IS something in the B&J line-up for Vegans too.

Hang out and listen for an hour!

Show #104: We All Scream


Show #73: Happy Thanksgiving Scud Stud

Ted, Christiana & Nate team up for their first show together as the new cast. Learn about Ted…his trip to Israel and how that prompted Nate to remember a long forgotten media star. Find out how John Kerry turned a Southern California girl into a West Virginia University fan.  Plus, our Thanksgiving traditions, the Lions suck and our plans for this year’s celebration.

You can now call the show and leave us a message anytime at (818) 861-6283. We might even play it on the show.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone…and remember to shop Amazon thru

Show #73 Happy Thanksgiving Scud Stud

Show #43: Vacation

Our Show Logo with TalentWe record on a Saturday afternoon because Nate is going on Vacation. Larry joins us on the phone…from WORK to talk about his vacation, plus Mel has so much vacation time that they’re taking it away from her.

Why Arizona is nuts, a crazy crime spree and we talk with Sean Greenwood from Ben & Jerry’s about the 15th anniversary of Phish Food and the new Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt.

Show #43: Vacation!


And now for our crime spree guy



Show #37: Our New Home

Our Show Logo with TalentNate, Larry & Mel discuss the new website…Nate’s trip to Alcatraz, Larry goes to the Daytona 500 & Mel meets a ‘pen pal’  We discuss Kirk Cameron, Rush Limbaugh, butt plugs…and the naked man who wanted a job.



Show 37 Our New Home