NDS Classic Show #155: That’s Your Narrative

Originally Uploaded November 2013

On this episode we break down the new Kanye song and video, Becca is perplexed by a sculpture, stadiums that look like lady parts and a fun way to get the house cleaned.

Plus, the bible as fiction…things you shouldn’t say to a woman sparks a huge aside by the ladies on the show and a rooster in Small Town News.

Show #155: That’s Your Narrative

NDS Classic Show #128: Oprah, the Beard & Leathers

NDS LogoOriginally uploaded August 2013

Ted goes to Vegas, Christiana goes to the beach and Nate gets a massage.  Plus, Sydney Leathers does the rubbing herself…Oprah responds to the n-word and the beard finds a new home.

We also explore when honesty isn’t the best policy and the latest viral ad.

Show #128: Oprah, the Beard & Leathers


NDS Classic Show #183: Sassissfied

Originally Uploaded March 2014

Ted & Becca have an OK time, we explore the greatness of Clarence Carter and the insight of Adam Carolla.


Show #183: Sassissfied


Show #557: Snoop On Trump

The week that was includes Nate at the Guns-N-Roses concert…Trump gets into a spat with LaVar Ball…has a problem with Marshawn Lynch and gets an offer from Deepak Chopra.  Plus, we have some grievances for this Thanksgiving Eve and the people of Plattsburgh Speak Out

Show #557: Snoop On Trump

NDS Classic Show #487: Mad At Ibiza

Originally uploaded February 2017

We make predictions on “The BIG GAME” …find a principal who is no pal and some shenanigans from “the Florida of the North”…some nasty characters from actual Florida and why Nate is mad at Ibiza.

Show #487: Mad At Ibiza

Show #556: Kareem Hates Thanksgiving

We find out why Kareem hates America’s favorite eating holiday, we talk about a group of men who’ve given up on self-pleasure…spoiler: we don’t trust them. And Nate tells the sweetest story about a loud fart you’ve ever heard. Laugh or your money back!

Show #556: Kareem Hates Thanksgiving

Show #555: Nickel Cubed

We break down the week that was…including Trump on his Asia tour. What happens when Elton John’s piano doesn’t sound quite right and we’re suspicious of one woman’s story about how she ‘lost’ her wedding ring.

Show #555: Nickel Cubed