NDS Classic Show #335: Kareem Is Trapped

Mic Only NDS LOGOOriginally uploaded September 2015

Kareem is trapped in his garage, so Sam, Diana & Nate make it a threesome. See how conservative broadcasters talked about the pope, why the left hand is the devil and what would prompt someone to punch an old dude in the face at Costco.

Show #335: Kareem Is Trapped

Show #665: Genny Screamers

Nate has a tale about his tail…and his body’s battle with a certain brew. Plus, there IS a chainsaw in my pants, 2 morons are called out by a wife and yes, you can get liver and onions in Grand Forks.

Show #665: Genny Screamers

Show #664: Waiting in the Rain

Your unwanted recap of Wrestlemania 35 and why thousands got stranded after the event in the rain. Plus, slavery discussions in Vermont, fake police reports and Marilyn writes another letter in ‘Small Town News’

Show #664: Waiting in the Rain

NDS Classic Show #605: “True” Trump Tales

Originally uploaded June 2018

Nate swaps co-hosts as Jason returns and Kareem goes on vacation. We tell our “true” tales of our time with Donald Trump…as inspired by Jimmy Kimmel. Plus, we decide it’s time for white people to police OUR community and call out racists. And Marilyn isn’t scared by Friday the 13th.

Show #605: “True” Trump Tales