NDS Classic Show #182: White Homo

From March 2014

We break down the Oscars, give some advice to Paula Deen & break down the dangerous threat in the neighborhood.


Show #182: White Homo

Show #574: You Get the Back Half

Is it a technical issue when you don’t actually hit record? We make up for you missing some great pod that never got recorded by doing a back half for the record books. What we’re doing for Valentine’s Day, why you have to make sure you close that cereal box good and the Airing of the Grievances…and Nate has a bonus rant about “this fucking guy”

Show #574: You Get the Back Half

Show #573: Watershed Moment

Nate has a revelation…because of Stitches…what you can do that will result in Nate yelling at you. Plus, Don Jr. “defends” his dad, Jesus IS not the flu shot and Jason gets got by an old, classic gag.

Show #573: Watershed Moment

NDS Classic Show #385: F-Marry-Kill

Originally Uploaded March 2016

The centerpiece of this episode is a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill using trios put together by thechive.com. Will we be on the same page? More important…why are we making these super important, yet hypothetical, life choices. Plus, some life advice for Justin Bieber.

Show #385: F-Marry-Kill

NDS Classic Show #194: Nancy Grace Poop Cruise

From April 2014

Nancy Grace is a horrible person, CBS names Letterman’s replacement and a police chief has a great message for all of us. Plus, a Florida Woman has a day out at McDonalds

Show #194: Nancy Grace Poop Cruise

Show #570: Wake Up White People

We are taking back that phrase from the racists! We call out people who won’t stand up for what’s right and break down the week that was. Plus, Hobby Lobby turns over more artifacts and Nate wonders “What the actual fuck?”

Show #570: Wake Up White People

NDS Classic Show #368: Pink Lady & Pussy Scarf

From January 2016

The boys get together to talk reading directions, pussy as art and Sam has a frustrating time attempting to watch “the X-Files” Plus, Trump’s promises…Carly steals children and what we think about Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna.

Show #368: Pink Lady & Pussy Scarf

Show #569: Little Cows

A woman attacks a man with a pizza, another woman takes maternity photos at Taco Bell and a third woman returns her (now dead) Christmas Tree to Costco, on January 4th! Plus, we’ve got some grievances, Mariah Carey is allegedly responsible for a tea craze in NYC and we find Kareem’s next career/life adventure in ‘Small Town News’

Show #569: Little Cows