Morning Crunchwrap 04/04/19

A very rich lady and a SF Bay Area city are fighting over yard art and ‘the Flintstones’ Should she be able to put what she wants on HER property…or do neighbors and the city have the last word? That will be decided in court. What are the key questions and which quote from the movie ‘Stripes’ I use to sum up my thoughts.

Morning Crunchwrap April 04

Morning Crunchwrap 04/03/19

With Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin in court today, TMZ has learned prosecutors would want jail time with any plea deal in the case. Why do we talk about this case of fraud more than others…and are these celebrities getting more than their share of blame? Also, should they do actual jail time?

Morning Crunchwrap April 03

Morning Crunchwrap 04/01/19

This is NOT an April Fools joke. More serious allegations that the White House ignored serious concerns and established norms to give interim and full security clearances to individuals who would normally be denied. The new investigation and why this is a bigger National Security issue than people seeking asylum at the border.

Morning Crunchwrap April 01