Morning Crunchwrap 02/06/19

The Governor of New Mexico pulled National Guard troops from the border before the State of the Union address…then after some dubious claims, the Sheriff of El Paso County, Texas referred to the President using a “false narrative” to describe that city and crime there.

Morning Crunchwrap 02/06/19

Morning Crunchwrap 1/29/19

It’s Super Bowl week and things that happened years ago can pop up as something new…today is about Tom Brady in a beer chugging contest.  Got a “Hot Take” that you may not like about TB12.

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Morning Crunchwrap Jan 29

Morning Crunchwrap 1/28/19

Welcome to the first ever Morning Crunchwrap! The Morning Crunchwrap is a short (5-10min) daily podcast that highlights one item of interest each weekday. This first episode focuses on the new book by Chris Christie and the quote that both Donald Trump and Jared Kushner thought that firing Michael Flynn would put an end to “the Russia thing.” I’ll break it down (crunch) and analyze (wrap) the story. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.

Morning Crunchwrap_Jan28